Are you craving a deeper connection to the Sacred Feminine?

Would you like to be living in your feminine flow and be free from the constant struggle?


Beautiful Sister,

I have been deeply inspired and quite frankly, GUIDED, to create this 6 week Sacred Feminine Awakening Series. This is a journey specifically for the women who are rising up right now and reclaiming their power, their purpose and their divine nature in human form.

We have big work to do and it starts with OURSELVES — being pristine containers and conduits for the love, light and creatrix energy that moves mountains.

It's time for the women to know how to tap into the universal womb- field so that we may birth what is asking to come through us.

The Sacred Feminine Awakening series is an on-line class that is going to give you the experiences, the wisdom and a blueprint for the

specific priestess practices you can use to both anchor yourself, access the womb-field and live the state of daily feminine-grace.

It is this class that, for six weeks,our daily life becomes our sacred ritual.

The series will be NOURISHMENT for your feminine soul. The wisdom I will be sharing will activate states of remembering!

It will be juicy KNOWLEDGE for the emerging feminine leader in you that needs and wants to know more about walking the priestess path and resourcing herself.

It is luscious SISTERHOOD experience because when women gather for this level of work - wondrous things happen!


In the dense, daily grind, we live so outside of the feminine flow. We live in a world of over-stimulated chaos where we are constantly forcing, pushing, rushing, grasping for goals and totally devoid of the feminine in our lives.

The lack of the feminine rhythm, is the root cause for much of your suffering and feelings of separation.

Let's change that!

I'm here to tell you that when you truly COME FROM the Feminine Essence within yourself, life begins to unfold in miraculous and unexpected ways. Abundance flows, success is easy, relationships deepen and you feel like you are living out loud on purpose and as the truth of who you are! I am literally living this now and I want to share with you, how you can too!

In this class, I am going to teach you
the 5 FOUNDATIONS for thriving
in the Feminine Paradigm.


These are inspired by the elements:

Week One.jpg

- Week One -

We work with the power of AIR, innocence , vulnerability and the depths of the feminine heart. You discover how to create an inner sanctuary to honor and integrate past trauma, deep wounds and your greatest insecurities. Your whole relationship to the inner feminine is re-constructed as you re-connect with your heart.



- Week Two -

We work with the power of FIRE! Kali, creativity, creatrix- energy and womb power! You'll ignite the creative fires, fiercely reconnect with Shakti and let the truth ROAR from your belly and bones because YOUR truth matters and deserves to be heard.




- Week Three-

We work with the power of WATER, Quan Yin, emotions, self forgiveness and the great art of surrender. You learn about trauma capsules and how to thaw parts of you that are frozen. You will learn the 2 most potent priestess practices that are essential for your success and leadership.



- Week Four-

We work with the power of EARTH and Lakshmi wisdom! I dedicate the entire 4th week to the topic of prosperity, abundance, money and survival. Without this foundational piece, most women can’t come close to accessing the sacred realms within them. You will learn the feminine ART of abundance and principles for manifesting in the feminine paradigm.



- Week Five -

We work with the power of GREAT MOTHER and the CENTER COSMIC WOMB of all. You'll learn the transformational practice of great mother-cocooning. The "cocoon" allows you to de-stress your nervous system and is the key to personal healing. You’ll have this as a life long tool after the class.



- Week Six -

We weave it all together so that you may discover your legacy of love. The circle is open but ever unbroken. Your life and work can now take shape in a new way as you are led by feminine principles and have a blueprint of priestess practices to guide you.


- 6 Week -
Sacred Feminine Awakening Series

Regular $175

For you: $99


Wild Woman Healing Session
Regular: $225
For you: $185



- 6 Week -
Sacred Feminine Awakening Series
+ Wild Woman Healing Session
Regular: $375
For you: $250



So let's recap:


~ 6 weeks of deep wisdom, transmissions and rituals.

~ 6 weeks of being held in a sacred CONTAINER that will support your growth and strengthen your relationship with the feminine within you.

~6 weeks of living life as a daily ceremony.

~6 weeks of walking the Priestess Path.

~6 weeks of tuning in with the Goddesses and basking in their energy and medicine

~6 weeks of the very BEST collection of feminine-wisdom and knowledge that I have to offer.

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Beloved sister, I have been walking the Priestess Path and doing women’s soul-initiation work for over 25 years.  As a successful entrepreneur, I work with great passion to serve women on the sacred path of awakening!  This series was created to help you access the feminine flow and awaken Her more deeply in your own life and work.

 I am a coach, catalyst and creator of the Priestess Rising Initiation Program.  I am also a graduate of the Woman Spirit Studies Program and the 13 Moons Mystery School.  Currently I study with Kaia Ra, as a first wave initiate of The 2017 Sophia Code Curriculum.  It would be my great pleasure to share this series with you.

It is our time to RISE!