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The power of women
The art of ritual
The magic of sisterhood

Sacred Circle Training by Priestess Rising

Would you like to learn the craft
of facilitating sacred women's circles?

Do you desire to be a leader in the sisterhood movement?

Would you like a way to expand your work, increase your prosperity and powerfully transform women's lives?

We need circle leaders now! More than ever, women are reconnecting to the Divine Feminine, and they are seeking their sister-tribes.

Whether you have an instinct to start holding safe and sacred space, or have been facilitating circle for years, I want to invite you to join me for my Sacred Circle Training.


In this powerful weekend training you'll get everything you need to confidently launch a women's circle in your area or online.

The training includes:

Training for Sacred Womens Circles

✦ Step by step outlines for how to craft transformational circle experiences
✦ Mastering the ART of ritual
✦ How to embody the priestess archetype
✦ Creating sacred space by invoking a luminous field of energy
✦ Different types of ritual and their uses
✦ The need for rites of passage
✦ Altar-craft

Ceremony and Temple Work by Priestess Rising

✦ the key to powerful invocations
✦ integrating earth-based ceremony and temple work
✦ calling in the directions/working with the elements

✦ invoking the High Feminine Christ Council and working with different aspects of the goddess
✦ multi-dimensional ceremony
✦ mystery school level circle work

Creating a circle and sisterhood

✦ steps to creating true sisterhood
✦ essentials for keeping your circle together, close and connected
✦ how to work with the sister-wound
✦ holding people through deep trauma
✦ how to handle challenges that arise


✦ Starting a red tent
✦ the sacred business of circle work
creating big prosperity as a priestess
✦ the art of the virtual priestessing
mastering the art of online ritual and circle work


Virtual Circle Training
led by Marin, post-retreat, to model the how-to's

You'll learn how to hold sacred space on-line, the secrets for screen intimacy and how craft virtual sisterhood programs.


✦ Templates for a variety of rituals including - the new and full moon + equinoxes and solstices
✦ Easy-to-follow goddess circle scripts
✦ Must haves in your priestess toolbox
✦ Recommended music selection list
✦ Reading list
✦ 7 sacred oils to use in ceremony
✦ Ritual resources - where to find the best items online and inexpensively


If you are called to do this sacred work, this circle training is a perfect way to get started or go deeper!

I have been doing circle work for over 20 years. At this point, it is master craft for me. There is a true art to creating safe and sacred space where women can experience the power and potency of sisterhood.

Now I'm sharing all my circle secrets with you.
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Come join us for an illuminating weekend of woman craft!

Sacred Sister Circles with Marin Bach-Antonson

» You'll learn the ancient ways
» You'll understand modern implementation
» You'll be immersed in the magic of sisterhood.
» You'll make lasting friendships

» You will move through fears of visibility to claim your inner priestess

» You'll get everything you'll need to go forth and lead a circle of your own

» You'll get an exclusive invite to your virtual circle with Marin who will model the power of this work online

» You'll receive a certificate of completion following the training.


The Sacred Circle Training is offered at
The Open Sky Retreat Center ~ Sebastopol, CA
2019 Training Dates TBA

Nestled amidst rolling hills, the views are heart-stopping and the beauty inspires. You will feast on delicious, healthy, colorful meals while being fully immersed in the magic of training. Walk the labyrinth. Dip in the hot tub. Take a long, leisure walk on one of the gorgeous trails. Melt into the arms of the earth mother while laying on the land. Connect and Replenish. EarthRise is the perfect location for the work, offering you both a replenishing retreat experience and an exciting training!


In depth Circle Training - $1197

Intimate small group training and mentoring with Marin
A certificate of completion
Bonus virtual circle training
Ritual templates and ritual craft tool-kit
Everything you need to start a circle of your own!

Gather with Womens Circles Training by Priestess Rising

It is time for the women to gather.
It is time to REMEMBER the ancient ways.

It is time to recover our feminine power.
It is time for the wisdom of our womb, the magnitude of our heart
and the spirit of the medicine-woman to re-emerge!

It is time to rebirth our worth.
Time to SEE ourselves with new eyes; time to sacred-rage and burn
our bone-deep patterns of "not-enough."
It is time for our inner roar of "no more!"

It is time to weave a new web of wisdom;
to step forward and claim our sovereignty.
Time for stillness
and slowing down
and listening to the song of our soul.

It is time now. For sisterhood.
Time to heal the wounds of separation.
Time for telling our stories, speaking our truth and awakening the oracle within.

Sister to sister. Heart to heart. Hand to hand.

It is time. To return. To the circle.