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The Sacred Art of Feminine Abundance Guide by Priestess Rising

Are you a visionary medicine woman who longs to make money by living her mission?

Is "having to make money" the thing that stops you from living your dream, being a healer, sharing your message or making your soul-contribution to the world?

Isn't it time to stop letting money be the thing that keeps you from crafting your best life and claiming your sacred leadership?

Sister, please let me support you in this.


I meet many talented, bad-ass women in my business and in my circles who have so much to share but feel stuck because they believe they cannot make money living their purpose. 

In the Sacred Art of Feminine Abundance masterclass, I share powerful wisdom about how you can connect with and learn to master a new feminine wealth-paradigm.

Everything shifted for me when I began to manage money as a PRIESTESS instead of being a victim of the patriarchal scarcity paradigm!

In the past two years, I have been able to grow my business, birth new offerings, fill my signature program and triple my income doing EXACTLY what I love!

Now I'm sharing what I know, what worked for me and what I know can make a difference for you.

Marin Bach-Antonson Feminine Art of Abundance

Without realizing it, for years I had been relating to money strictly through a masculine paradigm. 

I read all the books about wealth-creation.
I was inspired by Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.
I devoured The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.
I loved The Millions Within by David Nagle.

But... nothing about my finances ever changed much.

That was, until I started using the foundational practices from The Feminine Art of Abundance.


These practices, along with a genuine commitment to my success, changed my money situation big time.

Now, I want to share them with you.

The Sacred Art of Feminine Abundance Masterclass and Lakshmi Transmission are for high-conscious, heart-centered women who are ready to stop struggling and start thriving in the area of finances!

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Here's a taste of the radical new wealth wisdom we will cover:

radical new wealth wisdom by priestess rising

✦ Your relationship to your mother actually has much to do with your relationship to money. Once you understand this, you can shift the mama-block that affects your financial flow.

✦ Money is pure energy. What you project onto it informs how it flows.

✦ The connection between money and love. This is the KEY for creating wealth the feminine way. The priestess in you probably hates to deal with money. But she is hard-wired to speak the language of love.

We're taught that we have to work hard. We think we have to struggle. We have few models for what it looks like to make money with ease and grace doing what we love and what makes our hearts sing!

Yet, I'm living that reality right now, and sister,
I want to share what I know, so you can too!


Let me help you activate the new wealth-paradigm priestess within you so that you can get off the scarcity grid and into a money goddess flow.

In the 90-minute audio masterclass and bonus transmission directly from Lakshmi:

activate the new wealth-paradigm priestess within

✦ You'll learn the 3 foundational principles for The Feminine Art of Abundance

✦ You'll be introduced to the 5 major misperceptions that are at the root of all your limiting money beliefs.

✦ You'll experience a powerful Lakshmi transmission that will raise your vibration and make you instantly more receptive to abundance.

✦ You'll get priestess-money practices that you can do each day to help you shift from the scarcity model into the new "heaven on Earth" prosperity paradigm.


Women loved this masterclass!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wealth-wisdom. It's a game changer."
- Ruth-Ann, CA

"You're not going to believe this! After I listened to the call and received the transmission, a client came in and hired me for extra private sessions! Instant prosperity. Wow!"
- Faye, PA

"I now understand how I've blocked money. I've been in my head and not in my heart. All fear. No love. After the call, I had a private session with Marin and I muscle-tested positive for the belief: Money is Evil. She cleared that belief for me using theta healing and now I feel a new flow of abundance in my life. The call is great. I don't say that lightly. I was blown away."
- Lisa, NY

The Sacred Art of Feminine Abundance Guide by Priestess Rising

The time is now to empower your INNER PRIESTESS in the area of your finances.

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