Priestess Rising

There was a time when women remembered the value of having a sacred space to connect with the Divine Feminine.


This was the time of the Red Tent.

Red Tent Sisterhood 

A time when women slowed down, made space, dropped in and gave themselves permission to relax, rest and replenish the well within them.

It was a time when the feminine cycles were honored and revered.

The women shared their wisdom, spoke their truths, told their stories and connected with the sacred directly.

They honored their wombs, listened to their hearts and healed one another by just being together.

There was a time. In the Red Tent.


You are invited to join me and other soul sisters to reclaim the time of honoring our inner feminine.

In the Virtual Red Tent we create modern magic!

Join us to:


✦ connect with the Divine Feminine in you

✦ experience the magic of the red tent virtually

✦ listen to guest wisdom-keepers share about womb health, blood wisdom and walking the beauty way for free!


✦ be part of an online sister circle

✦ honor your lunar cycles

✦ bless your body

✦ receive direct goddess transmissions and activations

✦ BE in a healing red-tent-womb space


Each experience is different and wonderful.
These gatherings are FREE!

Join us for the Virtual Red Tent Gatherings by Priestess Rising

Each month we create a coherent field of energy that is both replenishing and ripe for awakening.

We welcome different wisdom-keepers who share insights and offer their teachings.

We meditate, pray and create powerful ceremony that will fill your inner feminine well.

Here's how to join us:

The virtual red tent is easily accessed via the web or by phone. Attend live or listen to a recording.
how? ↠ Dial-in information is provided when you subscribe via email.
when? ↠ Monthly. Every first Thursday 9am PST / 12noon EST


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December 6


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