If so, welcome to Priestess Rising!

I believe that we are divinely led and perhaps finding Priestess Rising, is exactly where you have been guided because you are ready  to rise, to fly, to bloom and to BE as big as you can imagine yourself being!

No more being scared of taking up too much space.  
No more procrastinating or keeping your power tuned way down.

You know you are meant for sacred feminine leadership.

Somewhere deep in your belly and bones you can FEEL the truth, that you are a healer, a way shower, a medicine woman, a messenger and a midwife for the new earth. 

This is your time. 
You were born for right now. 

If your Soul is ready, you’ve probably already heard her whispering in your ear......

If you’re looking for a sign: This is it.
If you’re looking for a reason: YOU are it.

Priestess Rising is about saying YES to an inner revolution!


It is time for the women to remember and rise!

It is time to re-write the patriarchal story within us.

It is time to break open our hearts, ignite our belly-fires and find our way back to the juicy, ecstatic, wild, sacred, Goddesses that we are!

It is time for great initiation and re-claiming our divine radiance.

Priestess Rising Invitation

Priestess Rising is an invitation to immerse yourself in mystery school curriculum that will prepare you to rise up, take the reigns of your life and emerge as a sacred feminine leader.

I am inviting 13 sacred initiates to join me, and a line-up of amazing guest teachers, for a deeply transformational journey.  

Priestess Rising Program Details
Priestess Rising Sisterhood

» You will learn sacred technology and priestess practices that will activate more of your DNA and bring new parts of your power forth.

» You will reconnect with your body as a temple and unlock your deepest body wisdom.

» You will delve deep into ancient feminine teachings.

» You will practice the art of transformational alchemy.

» You will heal the pain and shame of your womb and restore your core-creatrix womb power.

» You will learn about the blood mysteries, the rhythms of the moon and cycles of the earth. 

» You will discover the deepest desires of your feminine soul.

» You will immerse in the art of ritual, relish in beautiful ceremonies and move through 13 gateways to claim more of your sovereignty.

» And best of all, you will experience the orgasmic feminine flow as more of your inner goddess awakens.


There is a unique piece about the Priestess Rising Initiation program,
in that it has been designed to meet the 6 Core Human Needs which are:

The need to feel certain

The need to have variety in life

The need to be loved and to belong

The need for significance

The need for growth

The need for contribution

  • You will experience the CERTAINTY of a sister tribe for an entire year to grow with, change with, heal with and be held by. Every month you are welcomed into the sanctuary for self care and soul growth. 
  • You will get the excitement and VARIETY of moving through each goddess archetype which will awaken new, unrevealed parts of you and position you for new possibilities you never dreamed of. 
  • You will be showered with LOVE! When we work with the feminine the one thing you can count on experiencing is love! The feminine IS LOVE. You will feel love. You will be filled with love. You fall in love with YOU! 
  • You will have a new sense of your worth and SIGNIFICANCE like never before. Because you get one on one coaching for entire year as part of this program, your potential for healing core wounds and up-leveling your core-confidence is massive.
  • You will experience unbelievable GROWTH! The soul needs to unfold, grow and evolve. This entire program is designed for you to grow leaps and bounds and become more of your authentic, feminine soul self.
  • You will get clear about your CONTRIBUTION. You will discover your personal medicine and get tons of support for bringing your gifts and passions to the forefront.
  • You will have a beautiful sense of BELONGING to a sisterhood. So many of us feel alone and disconnected in lives. This program will heal the walls that keep you separate. You will feel accepted and loved for exactly who you are. You will be part of a tribe and a true sisterhood that lasts far beyond the program. 


The Priestess Rising Initiation Program takes places over the course of one year and one month. There are 13 Initiation Gateways to experience, each of which includes different rituals, ceremonies, activations and soulful experiences, inspired by a different aspect of the Goddess or Feminine Archetype. Once a month, initiates gather in-person, for a long deep-dive weekend day to explore these 13 gateways.



The First Gateway - SACRED FEMININE

Goddess ~ Eve

Opening sisterhood ceremony ~ crossing the threshold
Healing the fundamental wounds of the feminine
Surrendering to the Undefended Love of the Great Mother
Re-writing the past ~ Visioning a powerful future
Crafting lunar prayer sticks

The Second Gateway - SACRED BLOOD

Goddess ~ Artemis

Resurrecting the Red Tent ~ Ancient Blood Wisdom
Moon Songs ~ Moontime Rituals ~ Lunar Rhythms
Honoring the Maiden ~ Menses Ceremony
Crafting Blood Bowls


The Third Gateway - SACRED WOMB

Goddess ~ Hathor, Opener of Wombs

Activating the Womb Grid ~ Altar Creation
Journey to the Inner Sanctuary
Ancestral Womb Healing
Placenta Pouches
Hathor Womb Anointing

The Fourth Gateway - SACRED HEART

Goddess ~ Mother Mary and Quan Yin

Tending the Mother-Wound ~ Healing Trauma
Cacao Ceremony ~ Sacred Rose Initiation
Quan Yin Water Consecration Circle
Self-Forgiveness Circle
Walking the Beauty Way

The Fifth Gateway - SACRED CHALICE

Goddess ~ Mary Magdalene

Embodying Sacred Feminine Leadership
Teachings of the Magdelana Lineage
Awaken your Feminine Christ BluePrint ~ Discover your Sovereign Birthright
The Mary Vision Quest Journey
The Chalice Ceremony ~ Rose Petal Foot Washing

The Sixth Gateway - SACRED MISSION

Goddess ~ White Buffalo Woman

Connect with your Sacred Medicine ~ Clarify your Mission
Biz Wisdom for Conscious Creators
Life Purpose~Soul Alignment~Sacred Career
Medicine Bundles ~ Vision Boards

The Seventh Gateway - SACRED ABUNDANCE

Goddess ~ Lakshmi

The Art of Feminine Abundance
Sacred Money Mapping
Prosperity Altars ~ Abundance Bowls
Gratitude Circle
Goddess Feast

The Eighth Gateway - SACRED CIRCLE

Archetype ~ Ceremony Keeper, Community Weaver

Circle Wisdom ~ Consecrating Sacred Space
Creating your Talking Stick
Sage Bundles
Sacred Directions ~ Seasons ~ Moon Cycles ~ Earth Elements

The Ninth Gateway - SACRED WILD

Archetype ~ The Wild Woman

Raw Truths - Unlocking the Voice
Awakening Shakti ~ Howling at the Moon
The “Roar of No More” ~ Honoring your Rage
Ecstatic Dance ~ Fire Ritual
Wild Woman Cone of Power

The Tenth Gateway - SACRED BODY

Goddess ~ Aphrodite

Heal and Savor your Sensuality~Sexuality
Body Blessing Ceremony
Sacred Pleasure ~ Spiritual Power
Body Love Sound Bath ~ Oil Anointing
Essential Oil Wisdom

The Eleventh Gateway - SACRED POWER

Goddess ~ Inanna

Ancient Wisdom ~ Life, Death, Rebirth
Surrendering to the Underworld ~ Meeting your Dragons
Great Cosmic Mother Cocooning
Your Heroine’s Journey ~ Mythic Storytelling
Crafting your Warrior Wand


The Twelfth Gateway - SACRED RISING

Arechetype ~ The Priestess

Journeying to the Ancient Temple
Honing your Priestess Intuition
Claiming your role as a catalyst, conduit, way shower and wisdom keeper
Working with Stargates, Energy Portals and Ascended Feminine Master Mentors
Walking the Priestess Path ~ Ritual Walk

The Thirteenth Gateway - SACRED SISTERS
The Closing Retreat

3 Days immersed in the beauty of the EarthRise Retreat Center Petaluma, CA

Yoga ~ Meditation
Holy Water Body Immersion ~ Foot Baths
Breath Work~Prayer Circles
Spirit Dance~Deep Relaxation
Pure Rejuvenation for your Feminine Soul
Sharing your Gifts
Walking the Labyrinth
Sister-Blessing Ceremony ~ A celebration of yourself and others
Goddess Queen Crowning Ceremony ~Claim your space on your Sovereign Throne
Crown Making
Gift Giving
Blessing Way Closing Ceremony


Talking Stick Circles

IN ADDITION to the 13 gateway days, the program includes 13 IN-PERSON, Talking Stick Circles. These gatherings are beautiful opportunities to share your heart, speak your truth and deepen your sisterhood. They happen in-person in the evenings, once a month.

Private One-on-One Coaching Throughout the Program

One of the unique features of The Priestess Rising Initiation program is the private coaching and personal attention you will receive as an initiate. Each month, you get one 75 minute deep dive Coaching Call and one 30 minute heart check-in call.  

During your private coaching, you work closely with Marin to transform past wounds and re-imprint limiting beliefs so that you can up-level your confidence, claim your leadership and create abundance. 

You'll clear trauma imprints from ancestral lineages and past life experiences.

You will move through fears of visibility, blocks around money and feelings of being stuck.   

You receive the support, witnessing and sister-mentoring you need to accelerate your potential.

This private work is incredibly powerful and is well worth the investment of the program on its own.

Private coaching with Marin
Virtual Red Tent Gatherings with Guest Teachers


Virtual Red Tent Gatherings with Guest Teachers 

Every other month you will be invited to gather on-line, in sacred space to soak in the sister wisdom of a guest teacher or healer. These mentors are carefully chosen for the depth of their feminine wisdom and the variety of their offerings.  

6 Group Mastermind Circles (via ZOOM)

These group circles are designed to help you manifest the feminine way.  You will clarify your big vision and share it with your mastermind group who will help you command the miracle of bringing it into form using feminine manifestation and mastermind principles.


The program starts SEPTEMBER 2017 and is offered in both



Note:  The 2017/2018 Priestess Programs in CA and NY are FULL.  If you are interested in being first to know about the next program, beginning in 2018, use the "send more information button" to fill out a submission form and get on the list for next year!


California Retreat for Women


Our IN-PERSON gatherings happen at a breath-taking sanctuary space in Sonoma County at the Open Sky Retreat Center. Our priestess temple is nestled on over many acres of pure gorgeous-ness where the earth is brimming with beauty and the open sky sparkles with magic. You get 13 day-long retreats on this beautiful land where the earth feeds your soul.

Our Final SISTERHOOD RETREAT weekend is hosted at the EarthRise Center in Petaluma, CA. Nestled on 194 acres of rollings hills, the views are heart-stopping and the beauty inspires. You will feast on delicious, healthy, colorful meals while being fully immersed in the most heart-opening experiences of the whole program. You can hike, soak, swim or lose yourself under a sky of stars. This the perfect setting for creating life-long memories with your soul-sisters!


Full Day Immersive Experiences. These are once a month, full day, in-person retreats in a glorious Sonoma County setting.  These gatherings are based on each gateway above.  

Sister Circles - Once a Month, in-person, weekday evening experiences.

Private Coaching Calls with Marin who is both a master coach and matrix re-imrinting healer.  These calls are a combination of belief re-imprinting, trauma release and intuitive soul-coaching.  (one per month)

 Heart Check-In Calls - for deep sharing and support (one per month)

 Virtual Red Tent Gatherings with Guest Teachers (every other month)

Group Mastermind Calls - facilitated by Marin (every other month)

A Closing Weekend Retreat at the Gorgeous EarthRise Center in Petaluma.  Yes!  The tuition INCLUDES your retreat!  

California Women's Retreat
The California Priestess Rising Initiation Program begins in August 2017

The tuition for the CA Priestess Rising Initiation Program is $444 per month for 13 months plus a non-refundable $250 deposit upon acceptance to the program.  

NOTE:  Yes!  Your tuition INCLUDES your closing 3 day retreat.

“All it takes is for a woman to remember the truth who she is, what she is made of and to have a taste of her own soul medicine for the first time. After that, life is never the same."



This life-changing initiation program is also being offered on the east coast!

Although the program structure is different, you still receive the leadership training, the sister support, the mystery school level experience and the transformational results that are available to you from a program of this caliber. 

The program happens over the course of 13months and is in part virtual, in part face to face with: 

3 IN-PERSON weekend gatherings in NY
Friday afternoon through Sunday evening.  Each gathering includes ceremony, ritual and the gateway experiences described above.

(these gatherings take place in Nyack, NY)

New York Priestess Rising Womens Retreat

One Glorious 3 day Sisterhood Retreat in UPSTATE, NY 

Our closing retreat is a true rite of passage where you will claim your feminine power like never before.  Expect a weekend filled with magic and lasting memories with your soul sisters!


Every Month You Get:

  • Two Master Classes:  These classes are inspired by the 13 gateways described above.
  • One Sister Circle:  We'll come together virtually (on Zoom) to connect deeply as a group and share the truth of our hearts.
  • One Guided Journey or Recorded Meditation: these audios will allow you to work with sacred technologies such as the violet flame, stargates and more. 
  • Private Coaching Sessions with Marin:  You will overcome fear, re-connect to your intuition and strengthen your core confidence.
  • Heart Check-In calls: These are beautiful opportunities to be witnessed, seen and celebrated for exactly who you are.

Every Other Month

The Program Also Includes:

  • Virtual Red Tent Gatherings with guest faculty 
  • Small Mastermind Coaching Groups 

PLUS all the bonuses listed above!


The tuition for the NY Priestess Rising Initiation Program is $333 per month for 13 months plus a non-refundable $250 deposit upon acceptance to the program.  

PLUS! Your tuition includes full lodging during your closing 3 day retreat!

Monthly payments begin when the program begins. The deposit, due upon registration, holds your space in the program.

BY APPLICATION.  Space is limited to 13 women.  

NOTE:  The 2017/2018 Programs in CA and NY are FULL.  If you'd like information for the next program, starting in 2018, fill out a submission form here:

New York Women's Retreat

On Group Priestess Work

"Marin, the priestess work with you has been life changing and my experience has benefited me in every aspect of my life! I have remembered my strength, embraced my power and am feeling the light within. I'm learning to let go of suffering and hold myself through the pain so that I may be of service to others. The level of trust you create and the genuine encouragement you offer in your circles and during our private coaching has been invaluable to me. I'm forever grateful to the magical sisterhood you have created! You are an amazing catalyst, a beautiful human being and a gifted leader."
- Trisha Golaski, San Raphael, CA

"Being in Marin's women's circle has forever changed my life. I feel supported and heard like never before from my sisters. Also, I am learning how to be supported by the divine feminine and access that support through my heart and womb space. Marin is a gifted priestess whose work brings light to my soul and to many others as well. She is genuine and loving."
- Melanie Berman, Santa Rosa, CA

"Marin, discovering you and the priestess circle was one of the most timely and needed moments of my path. You COMMAND goddess wisdom in all ways, realized or otherwise, and attract / inspire that in all who join you. Your mission is cosmic in nature."  
- Nikki Benoit - San Raphael, CA

"Wow, I was soooooooo truly touched by our first [priestess gathering]. It's often hard for me to find offerings that touch me at the level that I work at, and I was more than delivered and inspired to my core by your sacred inspirations. Thank you for all the work that you have and are doing within yourself to be able to offer people such deep soul medicine."
- Angela Agenlian-Neuert, Santa Rosa, CA

On Private Coaching Work

"My private coaching sessions with Marin have brought nothing short of miraculous shifts to my life and being. She held space for me with an intuitive grace that tapped my body's own deepest wisdom and truth, and guided me into the very core of what has been keeping me small, stuck and disconnected from my Self for a very long time.  I have never experienced such profound and long lasting effects from healing sessions, and I am forever grateful." 
- Raina Fly, Sebastopol,  CA

"Marin, in our private work together, you have guided me out of the dark woods and because of your guidance I have found a path to home. Your patience, while we uncovered and resolved emotions stuck in my heart, body and mind was just what I needed. You have gone beyond just helping me "fix" what we started with, you have helped me uncover my truth.  Words can not express to you how eternally grateful I feel." 
- Elizabeth Tulok, Hoboken, NJ

"Private Coaching with Marin has been one of the most monumental transformational experiences of my life. When I signed on to this level of to work, I had no idea of the amazing transformation I was about to make, that my core issues would be resolved so quickly, powerfully, and permanently, and that things I had struggled with for years would be so clearly understood and released. I was able to heal core wounds, have compassion with myself and and stand in my own personal goddess power. I cannot recommend Marin enough. If you have a chance to work with this magnificent Goddess – DO IT!!!"
- Cathy Hartenstein Sedona, AZ

"Marin is magical. A priestess of the heart, she knows how to work layers and layers below the surface story or presenting problem. In our private coaching work, we addressed perfectionism, fear of vulnerability, and my need to “get it right”. I can truthfully say that the shift she facilitated is the epicenter of an inner earthquake - the shaking and rumbling apart of deeply rooted belief systems that have not served me for some time now. Something holy was unleashed within me as a result of this work. I feel blessed, honored and grateful for Marin's help in making that possible. Deep bow of gratitude to you, soul sister."  
- Shanon Crossman,  Sausalito, CA


Come Sister.  Come.  When the Goddess calls,  She calls for a reason.  

Meet your sisters in the temple. Let us drop deep, listen to the wisdom of our wombs and remember more of who we are. Together.  Let us break open our hearts and bring forth our truth.  

Let us release limiting beliefs and activate our feminine genius.

Let us stand side by side in our magnificence and create ecstasy on earth.     

It is possible.  

Our time is now.  

We were born for this.