Priestess Rising

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Meet Marin Bach-Antonson of Priestess Rising

My name is Marin Bach-Antonson, and I am a wisdom keeper, a way-shower and a priestess of ancient-modern ways.

Sisterhood is my soul food, and the circle is my true home.

I've facilitated hundreds of circles and red tents for thousands of women over more than 20 years. 

I am a catalyst, a visionary and the creator of magic. I am a master in the art of adornment and altar-making. I am an alchemist and an oracle of the Goddess.

As such, I am deeply connected to all aspects of the Divine Feminine but my holy trinity is Isis, Mother Mary and beloved Mary Magdalene. The rose is a symbol of my lineage.

In my 20s, I facilitated a leadership and "love yourself" program with inner city teen girls. Since then, I've mentored women through every archetypal age: maidens, mothers, crones and goddesses. I fluently speak the language of ritual and woman craft.


I am also a womb keeper. In an earlier chapter of my life I was a birth doula and held space for over 200 births.

I have wild woman blood running through my veins. And still, I am a mother and wife of over 20 years to the love of my life, a man who totally honors the goddess in me. 

I need sunsets, quiet time to myself and the company of women who speak their truth. 
I walk my talk and teach from my heart.
Every day, I feel grateful for the abundant blessings in my life.

My greatest joy is connecting with women on the priestess path who are also "remembering."
How blessed to be connected to YOU, dear sister.
What beauty that our paths have crossed. I look  forward to however my work might inspired your own!

We are in this together after all.  Sister to sister ~ hand to hand- heart to heart~ wing tip to wing tip.

Deep bow of love to you, marin bach-antonson