Priestess Rising

"Moved by the Moon.
Sparked by the Sun.
Swayed by the Sea.
She was a Force to be reckoned with.”

- Rebecca Campbell

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7 Sacred Ways to Connect with your Inner Priestess

7 Sacred Ways to connect with your Inner Priestess Free Gift

Beautiful Sister, it’s with total joy that I am sharing this free audio package with you!

When I thought about what I wanted to give you, I wanted it to come from my heart. Not my head.  

My heart guided this free audio-gift into creation.    

I want every woman to feel worthy of her own luminosity.
I want every woman to have the strength to embody her highest calling.
I want everyone to know how to return to her heart.

I want every woman to remember who she really is.


I chose seven of they most impactful things I could possibly share with you that will help you connect with the Sacred Feminine and be a conduit for Her Divine flow. 

Many women have fear around embodying the fullness of their feminine power and claiming their role as a priestess. 

This audio will support you.

In it, I share about connecting with your sacred blood, the art of adornment, the power of anointing, activating the high heart and walking the beauty way.  

I also share about #1 shift a woman needs to make in order to connect with the inner priestess.

It’s juicy.
It’s potent.
It’s wisdom.
It’s truth.

It’s my gift to you gorgeous goddess.

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