Priestess Rising

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Work with Marin Bach-Antonson

You are here to be a catalyst for others!

You can "feel the call" within you.
You know you have a big service and you desire to take your sacred space in the world.
Your heart yearns for authenticity and your soul seeks to be aligned with its highest expression.

You cannot bear to hold yourself back any longer. You know it is your time.

The world is now ready for the rising priestesses, the return of the Magdalenes and the women who are meant to inspire movements of their own.

We are in the new age of Sophia.

Learn craft ritual, sacred circles and priestess

Beloved Sister, I see you.
I honor you.

I understand your yearning and it would be an honor to support you on this path of love.

Let's work together to help you activate your blueprint, heal your core feminine wounds, open deeper places within your heart and prepare you to be a conduit for divine energy + a holy creatrix of change!

My greatest gift is my ability to craft ritual, hold circle and create exquisite experiences for your inner feminine. I offer in person and virtual experiences which you can read about below.

If you are willing to take the next step, the programs I offer are vehicles of transformation. They are mystery school level experiences that will catalyze you in ways you cannot imagine. If you are an emerging priestess, wayshower, medicine woman or mystic, I am here to help you remember, reclaim and step forward into your next level of service with confidence.


This is my in-person signature priestess program. You journey through 13 initiation gateways and experience transformational sisterhood, sacred rituals, monthly temple retreats, mystery school curriculum and a year of private mentoring with Marin. This  program is offered in Northern California ~ Sonoma County.

The virtual on-line priestess program is available to anyone in the world. We activate the sacred temple in the mystical realms. 13 initiation gateways and a 9-month experience of sisterhood, sacred online rituals, private sessions, mystery school curriculum and a magical closing retreat. Plus a circle of fabulous guest teachers to round out the journey.

So many women are remembering their connection to Mary Magdalene. If you are one of them, this program deepens your understanding of your magdalene ministry and helps to awaken new rose wisdom. 

Intimate, personalized, powerful work for the woman who is committed developing her mastery and living her soul mission. Experience one-to-one mentorship that supports your inner feminine development at the highest level. You will move through blocks and begin to live in true states of grace where magic happens often and manifesting happens with ease. I take a small number of exclusive private clients per year. Are you one of them?