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One-on-one Private Mentoring with Marin from Priestess Rising

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All women have a spark within them.
All women carry medicine.
Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way.

Are you unclear about how to serve with the gifts you’ve been given or what your true purpose actually is? 

Are you held back by old patterns of fear and procrastination? 

Do you want to finally make money doing what you love?


The most powerful and direct path to any of these intentions is simple:
move up to your next priestess level.

Exclusive one on one mentorship with Marin

How do you do that? 

Awaken more of your oracle abilities. 
Activate your DNA codes. 
Cultivate a greater ability to work directly with source. 

This is not a path you can embark on carelessly or alone.

Sister, I can help. 

Each year, I open a small number of exclusive spots for committed women who are ready for the accelerated priestess path mentorship.


This choice is right for women who:

✦ Are burning with a desire to live their purpose and claim their feminine power 

✦ Know their time is NOW!

✦ Have taken group programs and are ready to step it up.

✦ Resonate with the idea of a close mentorship relationship where they are fully seen, supported and stretched to move through patterns of fear.


My private mentorship clients go deep and get measurable results!

Jess Jukelevics testimonial

"The Private Mentoring Program has been the fastest, most dramatic and deepest dive of any spiritual or growth work I’ve ever done. Marin is a master mentor. She’s grounded and fluent in the Sacred Feminine tradition, fully equipped with other mystic technologies of transformation, and a lightning rod for truth. She is expansively loving, and the person I turn to when I need to see unconditional acceptance and divine love modeled. If you are committed to living your most powerful life - and reaping the astonishing rewards quickly! - please give yourself this gift."

- Jess Jukelevics

Erin Lila Singh Testimonial

"Marin is an incredibly gifted teacher, coach and healer. I have only been working with her for two months, but I am already experiencing massive inner and outer transformation in my life. In our sessions, she holds a safe and sacred space for me to heal deep wounds, release unsupportive beliefs and connect to my authentic feminine power.   Through my private mentoring work with Marin, I feel more aligned with my deepest self and have reclaimed parts of my soul I didn’t even know I had lost.  I have had breakthroughs in my relationships and professional life, and I feel myself slowly opening and surrendering to my highest potential and purpose on this planet. If you want to experience profound spiritual transformation, growth, and healing, I highly recommend working with her!  It will change your life!”

- Erin Lila Singh
Director of Yoga for Teens and Executive Director of RISE Yoga for Youth +

Susan Lead Testimonial

"I connected with Marin through another friend in her Priestess Rising Program who raved about her and her work.   That program was already full so I decided to sign on for private mentoring.  OMG!  Wow!  I had no idea what a life-transforming decision I was making!  Since working with Marin, I have released my resistance to being in partnership and have met a man that has captured my heart.  I've pined for a relationship for two years but I didn't realize I was in my own way.  We worked on clearing my heart walls and I swear this is the reason I was able to find the love I am experiencing now.  I also began to love myself!  This has been the most radical work I've invested in.  If you are ready for fast path - this is it!"

Susan Lead
Interior Design Consultant


If you are burning with passion to awaken The Divine Feminine and claim your mastery, step into leadership, birth your great work and finally BE the Priestess you are, then consider applying for this unique opportunity.


An overview of The Priestess Path
A 7-Month Private Mentoring Program

✦   M O N T H   O N E   ✦

the root

Establishing your feminine foundation. You will identify which core feminine wounds you carry and begin the healing process with your first shamanic priestess healing sessions. You'll meet your personal priestess council who will guide you throughout the journey. You will establish "your temple" and start your priestess practices.

"I am safe to be who I am"

✦   M O N T H   T W O   ✦

the womb

Healing and nurturing the womb, activating Creatrix power! Awakening Shakti, tuning into new levels of sensuality, clearing your inner sanctuary of stored, stuck emotions. 

"I am a holy woman. I honor my body. I bless my womb."

✦   M O N T H   T H R E E   ✦

the core

Healing wounds to our personal power. Re-imprinting your limiting beliefs on all 4 levels. Healing $$$ blocks ~ opening to new levels of abundance using the feminine art of womb-manifestation. Lakshmi ceremony. Priestess money practices.

"I am powerful beyond measure."

✦   M O N T H   F O U R   ✦

the heart

Dissolving heart walls. Healing the Motherwound. Inner child work with Mother Mary. Core Priestess heart-work with Mary Magdalene. Channeled Magdalene transmission. Self Love Journaling. Altar work.

"My hurt is healed. My heart is open. I am in service to love."

✦   M O N T H   F I V E   ✦

the truth

Awaken the Inner Oracle. Speak your truth. Heal the wounded healer. Resolve your fears of visibility. Communicate your highest truth and craft your soul message to share in your work & with the world.

"I have the courage to share my truth and be seen."

✦   M O N T H   S I X   ✦

the inner eye

The Sacred Seer ~ Alchemist ~Sorceress - seeing yourself with crystal clarity. Transforming your past. Re-write your new narrative, from victim consciousness to heroine-consciousness - a new mythology is born. Past life work. DNA Activations. Journey with Isis. 

"I see MYSELF clearly. I AM."

✦   M O N T H   S E V E N   ✦

the crown

The Sovereign Queen ~ High Priestess. Work directly with the High Feminine Christ Council. Activate your Feminine Christ blueprint. Crown the inner Queen. Anointing ceremony. Clearing oaths. Releasing lineage trauma. Final Vows. Completion Ritual.

"I am a holy vessel of Divine Love. I am a Priestess.”

Priestess Path Mentoring with Marin Bach-Antonson

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