Priestess Rising

Awaken Your Goddess

on Ancient Wisdom Today

with Shaman Durek, third generation shaman, an evolutionary innovator, and a women’s empowerment leader.

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What listeners are saying about this conversation

❤️ "This interview was incredible dear si-STAR! I honor your courage to share your intimate experience with the world. I am being lead to the initiation and will remember your words as I take my place in sharing my open heart."

⭐️ "I just listened to your Ancient Wisdom Today podcast. The vibration of your voice was striking as well as the beauty of your words. I especially liked when you and the host were talking about the men of the world and how we Goddesses can heal them with touch and comfort."

✨ "Thank you for that amazing interview. I want to give witness to the vibration of love and wisdom which I heard through the energy of your voice. I am learning to recognize that wisdom is not just in the words we speak, but in the energy which comes through the sound of the voice, which may or may not match the words we are speaking. That energy tells the truth about where we are really coming from—a wounded place or a whole place. There was a resonance in your voice which signaled truth and wholeness, and enabled the words you were speaking to find a home in the hearers. I want to thank and commend you for the depth of resonance you have achieved as the embodiment of the healing many of us have been speaking about for a long time, but are just now finding out how to truly live and embody."

🌹 "I listened to this last night. You always blow me away, but I loved the fact that you were blowing the host away and that your eloquence and connection to Spirit were so present. You really did an amazing job. You are in the right place, on the right path, goddess. This interview was illiminating!"

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