Priestess Rising

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Reclaim your connection to Mary Magdalene to remember more of who you are as a Modern Day Priestess
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“I am here. Do not doubt my presence.”

- Mary Magdalene
via Mercedes Kirkel, author of Mary Magdalene Beckons, Join the River of Love

Magdalene Rising Modern Day Priestess Program

The Magdalene consciousness is awakening in women now more than ever before.
She is reaching out across the heart waves with so much to share!  


If you are one who is "remembering" your connection to Mary and to the Magdalene oversoul, I invite you to join me in this special circle to listen to “her” voice through your womb and learn through the vehicle of sisterhood.


This empowering 7-week program
is designed to help you:

✦ Understand Mary’s core teachings 

✦ Work with the wisdom of the rose 

✦ Activate a deeper connection to the holy trinity of your heart, body and sexuality

✦ Learn about the 5 core feminine wounds

✦ Unlock a new understanding about your role as a feminine leader - the pain you carry, the jewels you mine

✦ Work with the dyad of Mother Mary and Magdalene as the dual faces of the feminine 

✦ Activate your high-heart consciousness


This juicy 7-week program is both informational and deeply experiential.

You will engage in sacred feminine spirit work, ceremonial practice, womb healing and woman-craft to allow you access to the next level of your Magdalene ministry in the new age of Sophia.

Mary Magdalene Program

These are changing times.  

Mary is out of the shadows yet she seeks not to be an inspiring mythic figure.  

Instead she is an accessible mentor for those on the feminine awakening path

Mary represents who YOU have the potential to be.

Mary wasn't a prostitute. She was a priestess.

Now is the time to empower your magdalene ministry.


- class one -

 ✦ Magdalene Awakens ✦
The modern rebirth of the Red Vibration

- class two -

 ✦ The Five Core Feminine Wounds ✦
The connection between pain and purpose


- class three -

 ✦ The Magdalene Revolution ✦
Return to the heart


- class four -

 ✦ The Rose Message ✦
+ Rose Anointing Ceremony


- class five -

 ✦ From Tomb to Womb ✦
Reclaim your sacred sexuality


- class six -

 ✦ Mother Mary ~ Magdalene
Understanding this powerful feminine dyad


- class seven -

 ✦ The Modern Magdalene Woman
“I am the Chalice” ~ Sacred Vow Ceremony


Included in the Magdalene Rising Program:

✦ 7 deep-dive Magdalene masterclasses

✦ Sacred vow ceremony

✦ Rose anointing ceremony

✦ Personal ritual work

✦ Creating your Magdalene altar 

✦ Journal prompts each week 

✦ The “Mary Guided Visioning Journey”

✦ Recommended Magdalene reading list

✦ 7 sacred oils list

Mary Magdalene Program

~ Fall 2019 Program Full ~

This Program will be offered again soon

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7 Live Masterclass Sessions

2 Sacred Anointing Ceremonies

All classes and ceremonies are recorded.
If you cannot join us live, you are welcome to participate at your own pace.


Discounted 1:1 Magdalene Transmission with Marin

Travel through the sacred womb of Sophia to merge with Mary Magdalene and hear her personal message for you. Different than a traditional channeling, this is a transmission experience. You will receive Mary’s message and she will energetically work with you on the multi-dimensional realms. 

These Magdalene transmission sessions are only available to participants in this program.

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Is Magdalene calling you?