Priestess Rising

- Priestess Rising -

Priestess Rising Virtual Program

Sister to Sister ~ Heart to Heart ~ Hand to Hand ~ We Rise!

9 moons of sisterhood, sacred ceremony, and priestess practice TOGETHER!

Do you crave a deeper connection with the divine feminine?
Do you need close sisterhood and a soul-tribe to grow with?
Are you ready for your mission, medicine and
path of sacred service
to be revealed or expanded?
Are you called to the priestess path? 


Come sister priestess. The temple awaits you.

You are a powerful soul in the new age of Sophia.

Now is the time to awaken your rose heart and answer your priestess calling.

The Priestess Rising Virtual Program invites you into the sacred temple, to work at the mystery school level from anywhere in the world. You’ll be guided on an exquisite journey of priestess awakening through 13 initiation gateways.
It will uplevel your life in ways you simply cannot imagine.


Imagine what it would feel like to be part of a soul-sisterhood where several times a month, you leave the struggle of everyday life to cross the threshold into sacred space. 

You light a candle and anoint yourself with holy oil. You are guided into the sanctuary of your heart to join with your sisters and participate in beautiful ceremony. Even though you are at your screen, you shift into a luminous field of love that instantly melts your stress and activates your feminine flow.  

You are held in the circle, seen by your sisters, and celebrated exactly as you are.

Your hunger for the feminine is satiated.  Your soul feels aligned.

THIS is what you have been longing for all along - connection to Her and your exquisite feminine self. 


✦ Here. You can listen to the whispers of your womb and the longings of your heart.

✦ Here. You know the truth. You are enough. You are worthy. You are whole.

✦ Here. You are safe to relax and remember.

✦ Here. She can guide you for how to be the vessel for awakening others.

✦ Here. You are prepared to do Her work.

Sacred Feminine Coaching

When “She” calls, dear sister, you can feel her.
Like a stirring in your belly or a pull in your heart.  

Let your body feel into these questions

✦ Are you ready and willing to answer Her call? Come undone, if necessary? And embody an inner YES that is solid and true?

✦ Are you willing to face your fears around time and money, trusting that when you leap forward, She will always catch you?

✦ Do you have the courage to dance with your shadow, and heal the core wounds that will lead you to your jewels?

✦ How open are you to receive the love and abundance that will be showered upon you when you become Her vessel and do Her work?

✦ What does your intuition tell you?

✦ Is it your dharma to rise as a powerful force of feminine love?


If you are a YES, the circle is open 



We meet in sacred space, in the non-physical realms. We activate elegant temple energy that is guided by love. The sisterhood is intimate. The work is multi-dimensional. The transformations are guaranteed.


“Finding Marin and her work was like returning home. I cried the whole first hour of our time together because it was such a deep soul-resonant YES for me to receive this level of support. As someone who often holds space for others, I have come to realize it is absolutely essential that I invest in myself to balance receiving as well as giving. From the moment I learned about Priestess Rising I felt like the program was designed for me, and it has been an absolutely joy-filled, deeply heart-opening experience on so many levels. My life has literally been transforming from the inside out since I joined~ For the first time I am truly embodying the essence of the feminine, I am feeling more aligned with my life purpose than I ever have, and I am naturally attracting more abundance, sisterhood, and love”

- Meredith Rom
Coach & Host of the Rising Women Leaders Podcast,


The Priestess Rising Program has changed the trajectory of my life. What an empowering journey!! After all the self-help work over the past 20 years, nothing touched the depths of self forgiveness and self love the way awakening the Divine Feminine energy has done for me. I found the courage to truly heal and claim my birthright to be loved.”

- Esther Vera
Priestess and Reiki Practitioner,  NJ


“Being a part of this circle has shifted things for me on a very deep level. The sacredness of the rituals, raw sharing of our self-truths, and the safety and trust of sisterhood has awakened a remembering in me that heeds the call to be my greater self. This is such a core piece that is missing from our society and I am so grateful to have found it here! Marin is an exquisitely warm and inclusive leader and has gathered an extraordinary group of women that guide me to be extraordinary as well.”

- Carolyn Jones
Breath work facilitator and women’s entrepreneur at

Everybody in my life has been benefitting from my participation in this program! I’m bringing more of the sacred feminine to my sessions with my clients. My everyday existence has shifted into the realms of deeper connection to the divine. Plus, Marin has literally assisted me in designing a whole new program I’ve been dreaming about for a while as an addition to my offerings as a yoga teacher. She has just the right magical tool for any occasion.”

- Petrina Plecko
Yoga Teacher & Women’s Retreat Leader,

“I went from being too afraid to even admit what I really wanted to do with my life to actually doing it! This is a masterfully-crafted program that has helped me to make a spiritual practice out of living my everyday life. For the first time, I am not on this journey alone. The deep, one-on-one work is literally reality altering.”

- Jaymie Gerard
Singer/Songwriter, NJ


In the Virtual Temple you will:

✦ Expand your Sophia consciousness

✦ Awaken NEW archetypes and aspects of the goddess

✦ Connect with the Gaia cycles

✦ be able to access states of grace 

✦ Activate your womb

✦ Ignite the high heart


✦ Unlock new levels of pleasure, passion, and purpose


✦ become more magnetic throughout your life


✦ Work with rose alchemy

✦ master the 5D feminine abundance paradigm

✦ Heal your magdalene wounds

✦ Claim your sacred service

✦ EXPERIENCE DEEP soul-sisterhood

✦ awaken your inner mystiC

✦ Cultivate your Priestess Wisdom



“Everyone has the perfect gift to give the world-and if each of us is freed up to give the gift that is uniquely ours to give,  the world will be in total harmony.”

— R. Buckminster Fuller


Your on-line mystery school curriculum is a journey through these 13 gateways:

Request our Priestess Rising Virtual Program guide to learn more about each gateway.


The First Gateway - SACRED FEMININE

Goddess ~ Eve

Opening sisterhood ceremony ~ crossing the threshold
The five core feminine wounds
Greath Mother healing
Priestess altar making

The Second Gateway - SACRED BLOOD

Goddess ~ Artemis

History of the Red Tent ~ Ancient Blood Wisdom
Honoring the Maiden ~ Menses Ceremony
Crafting Blood Bowls


The Third Gateway - SACRED WOMB

Goddess ~ Isis

Ancestral Womb Journey ~ Sound Healing
Womb Blessing ~ Meeting the wise women of the womb
Working with the Isis Oracle
Crafting lunar prayer sticks

The Fourth Gateway - SACRED HEART

Goddess ~ Mother Mary and Quan Yin

Tending the Mother-Wound ~ Healing Heart Walls
Rose Ceremony ~ Self-Forgiveness Circle
Quan Yin Water Blessing
Walking the Beauty Way

The Fifth Gateway - SACRED CHALICE

Goddess ~ Mary Magdalene

The Red Vibration ~ The Rose Codes
Magdalene Transmission
Awakening the Feminine Christ BluePrint
The Mary Visioning Journey
The Chalice Ceremony

The Sixth Gateway - SACRED MISSION

Goddess ~ White Buffalo Woman

Connect with your Sacred Medicine ~ Clarify your Mission
Biz Wisdom for Conscious Creators
Medicine Bundles ~ Sacred Vision Boards

The Seventh Gateway - SACRED ABUNDANCE

Goddess ~ Lakshmi

The Art of Feminine Abundance
Empowering your inner priestess around $
Prosperity Altars ~ Abundance Bowls
Gratitude Circle
Accessing the New Wealth Paradigm

The Eighth Gateway - SACRED CIRCLE

Archetype ~ Ceremony Keeper, Community Weaver

Circle Wisdom ~ Consecrating Sacred Space
4 Directions ~ Seasons ~ Moon Cycles ~ Earth Elements
Starting your own women's circle or red tent
Ritual Templates, Ceremony Scripts, Priestess Essentials

The Ninth Gateway - SACRED WILD

Archetype ~ The Wild Woman

Raw Truths ~ Unlocking the Voice
Awakening Shakti ~ Healing body shame
The "Roar of No More" ~ Cutting Cords
Finding your inner wild

The Tenth Gateway - SACRED BODY

Goddess ~ Aphrodite

Heal and Savor your Sensuality~Sexuality
Body Blessing Ceremony
Sacred Pleasure ~ Spiritual Power
Body Love Sound Bath ~ Oil Anointing
Essential Oil Wisdom

The Eleventh Gateway - SACRED POWER

Goddess ~ Inanna

Ancient Wisdom ~ Life, Death, Rebirth
Surrendering to the Underworld ~ Meeting your Dragons
Your Heroine’s Journey ~ Mythic Storytelling
Crafting your Warrior Wand


The Twelfth Gateway - SACRED RISING

Archetype ~ The Priestess

Journeying to the Ancient Temple
Meeting your priestess guides
Working with the multi-dimensional realms and feminine ascended masters
Future pacing your priestess path

The Thirteenth Gateway - SACRED SISTERS

The power of sisterhood
Healing sister-wounds
Redesigning the new feminine future
Sister Blessing Ceremony
Love notes and sweet surprises


Your Investment for this feminine soul initiation experience is $500 per month for 9 months. ~ $4500 ~

click ‘apply here” for a full color program guide to get information about ADDITIONAL DETAILS and dates.


Your Virtual Priestess Program Includes:

18 Masterclasses

Mystery school curriculum that will help to unlock your inner library of ancient knowing. The classes ar recorded for your convenience. They are 90-minute deep dives into Divine Feminine wisdom. 

✦ ✦ ✦

18 Sacred Sister Circles

twice a month we gather on zoom to speak our truth and share from the heart. You will feel seen, heard and held in a strong sisterhood container.  

✦ ✦ ✦

7 Virtual Temple Ceremonies

Rituals, ceremonies, blessings, goddess transmissions guided journeys, oracle card readings, and mastermind experiences. 

✦ ✦ ✦

5 Private 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Throughout the program, you get 5 private priestess sessions with Marin. This is life-changing work that weaves theta healing, matrix re-imprinting, goddess channeling and master level coaching.

✦ ✦ ✦

Gaia Gatherings

Bonus invitations to participate in different solstices, equinoxes and peak moon tide rituals online and at home.

✦ ✦ ✦

Gems to fill your Priestess Toolbox including:

Reading material, ritual templates, songs, prayers, essential oil recipes, flower essences, working with crystals, recorded meditations, music lists, journal prompts, and so much more!

✦ ✦ ✦

Priestess Partnering

Go deep with another soul sister as you share your heart one on one. Each month parters shift and you hold space for different topics. (Optional, depending on your availability).

✦ ✦ ✦

Guest Teachers

I gather a gorgeous team of guest priestess teachers to enhance and expand the curriculum. These incredible wisdom-keepers will share their stories, knowledge, and inspiration to add to your experience. 


Meet some of our Guest Teachers:

Aniya Sophia

Anaiya Sophia
Author & Mystic, 

TanyaLynn Paluso

Tanya Lynn Paluso
Author, Activator, Trainer and Founder at Sistership Circle,


Maria Owl Gutierrez
International Spiritual Teacher and Ceremonial Leader,

Joanna Lindenbaum

Joanna Lindenbaum
Master Business Coach + Sacred Facilitator at


Susanna Sophia Hart
Oracle for Mary Magdalene & Author of Magdala Rose, The Pathway of the Priestess in the New Renaissance  


Jessica Hadari
Feminine manifestation mentor and business coach,

feather-teacher-pic2 (1).png

Feather RedTail
Tao Tantric Priestess,


Danielle Dulsky
Teacher + Author, woman most wild,


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(begins Fall 2019)

✦ ✦ ✦

Schedule a call with Marin

~ My promise ~

There are countless virtual programs out there. Some good. Some not so good. Some that make promises they clearly don’t deliver. My promise to you is that this program is special. It is not passive. It is participatory. It is intimate, inspiring, experiential and heart expanding! I can share confidently that I mastered the art of creating sacred experience using the virtual platform. You will be part of a close sisterhood with the other women enrolled. You will feel seen, heard, held and supported. This is not a program packed with more information to add to the noise of your life. Quite the opposite! Our program will be your opportunity to slow down, drop into silence, hear the whispers of your womb, awaken to the knowing of your soul and develop your priestess mastery.


“I feel I have gotten so much closer to my life's purpose. I feel deeper in sisterhood. I feel more deeply held by myself and within the world. I feel more truly seen and held by others. I feel more authentic in the world. I feel closer to truth and my actual self in the world. I feel more powerful and purposeful in and for the world than ever.”

- Emily Jones
Ascension Visionary, Sebastopol, CA


The private healing sessions are so powerful and so palpable. You can feel the positive shifts in your life resulting from it!”

- Deb Altar
Reiki Healer, Nyack, NY


This program has catalyzed so much for me!  It has provided me a safe container where I am supported in my growth.  It gives me such a deep connection to other women, to myself, and to the divine mother. I am so grateful to have found the program and Marin when I did.”  

Melanie Berman
Lightworker, Santa Rosa, CA


This program has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life….[it’s been] a gradual unfolding of my true divine feminine-self. Marin skillfully weaves this program and has held each of us in a way that is a phenomenal gift. Her deep, masterful tending to our spiritual garden has allowed us to dive deep and find our hidden treasures so that we may bring them into this realm to heal and be healed. I am so grateful to be part of this. It is beyond words, amazing.”

- Alexandra Moore
Women’s Workshop Facilitator + Priestess, Santa Rosa, CA

Sacred Feminine Coaching Goddess

I’m so looking forward to connecting with you, beautiful goddess soul!

What an honor it would be to mirror your greatness and support you in your sacred service.

What a joy to call you a soul sister and watch you rise!

With so much love and sisterhood,