A letter to the lightworkers


 My beautiful sisters and brothers,

If you are a light worker, you are here to anchor light. What beautiful mission.

You don't need to be a coach.
You don't need a big platform.
You don't need to let go of your full time job that helps you pay your bills. 
You don't need qualifications or that certification or more training or permission.

You need nothing. Absolutely nothing to be the gift that you are.

If you think you do, here is a truth that may be hard to hear but I am going to share it anyway because I am a truth teller:

If you need to be "seen" by the world as a lightworker than you are stuck in a limiting narrative created by a precious, but dis-empowering ego that is attached to being PERCEIVED as a something in order to feel good about yourself.


Business coaches make boat loads of money off vulnerable people who buy the promise of starting a business as a lightworker
but are no where near being a vibrational match for the work they want to offer.

You don't need the business to make the contribution.
You can do your sacred light work anywhere, anytime in any moment.
You are here to ANCHOR light.
You don't need a following or a FB fan page to do that.


Bless them with light every moment you get.
Bless them in traffic and at the store and on-line and everywhere.
Bless the hearts of those hurting the most.
Bless nature.
Bless water.
Bless your home. 
Bless your food.

You ~ BEING ~ the light, helps to anchor the light and that contribution is far more impactful than any awesome virtual product, retreat or really cool client offering that you can create. The essence of who you are IS your gift.

Can you breathe in this truth?

What might it feel like to give yourself permission to be EXACTLY where you are right now?

Are you willing to have the courage to stop chasing an identity and instead commit to BE the inspiration that the deepest part of you is asking you to be?

From THAT place of alignment, the irony is this -- everything unfolds.

I know because I have lived it.

I struggled for years. I spent way too much money on coaches. I beat myself up on the daily for believing I was failing in my mission.
I fought with life. I wanted things to be a certain way when they weren't.
I felt sad and lost and pissed and powerless.
I was filled with fear that my life was passing me by.

I know what ALL of that feels like.

I'm posting this because I care about every single person that is in that same struggle right now and my heart goes out to you in such a sincere way.

May I reflect this -- You are a being of light no matter what you are "doing."

Your gift is your BEING.

I wish someone would have told me I could stop the relentless pursuit of BECOMING and business building and just BE the light I wanted to awaken in others.

And in that being-ness all would bloom and birth and become what it was meant to in time.

So I offer that to you today.

I honor you as the light worker you are. 
I see you.
I bless you.

No matter what you do or have done or how well-known you are. You matter.

My greatest prayer for you today is that you begin to see this power in yourself and don't, for a moment longer, allow the circumstances of life to keep you from believing in the power and impact that you can have on humanity.


With sincere love,


Ali Wright