Can I be really real in this blog?


A good strong dose of Kali Ma energy came through today and so I'm sharing here.

I know you may not like this. I'm sorry in advance.

If it triggers you at all, I hate to say this, but that might just be a good thing.

When we are triggered, that is a part of us that needs and wants to be held, healed and acknowledged.

Hopefully you'll have the good sense to feel that discomfort and let it guide you to the parts of yourself that feel disempowered rather than to disconnect, blame me or become disenchanted by what I'm sharing here.


Beautiful beings.

It is time.
It's time for ALL of you.
It is time.

It is time to stop that juice fast and your yoga class and to forget about how you look in your bohemian themed Instagram pics.

It's time to stop calling yourself "spiritual" when all you're really doing is perpetuating your own "specialness" without realizing it and judging everyone who is not like you.

It's time to stop with your tarot cards, your altars, your rituals and your righteousness.

It's time to cut your dredlocks, lose your flowing skirts and stop telling everyone that you are an oracle.

Forget your drum circles, your organic ingredients, your inner-frequency and how fiercely you are speaking your truth these days!

Who really fucking cares what your spirit guides say, how much kale you eat, what herbs you take or how many people registered for your latest on-line-high-vibe launch or attended your event that was shrouded in service [but was really all about YOU anyway].

STOP. Stop it.

Stop TRYING to BE spiritual or successful or of sacred service or "seen for who you really are."


You already ARE the beautiful, precious, powerful being you are so desperately trying to be and be seen as.

When your focus is outside of yourself, as for so many of you, it still is, you are holding yourself separate from the real transformation potential of the spiritual path.

All the damn kale on earth is not going to bring you into your heart if you continue to hide, hate yourself and mask your authenticity when you fear it's negative.

I bet you can give yourself permission to be authentic in your wild woman but can you give the same permission to the parts of you that are scared and lonely right now?

Nothing can change until you let yourself be present to those parts fully.

If you are ATTACHED to anything as an identity, in this case your “supra-goddess spiritual identity” you are actually hiding from yourself and you are not allowing yourself to be the fullness of who you are.

You're just perpetuating a FORM, a personality and you are behind a mask, playing a role you don't even realize you are playing!

STOP. DROP. Understand this.

Your attachment to your so-called spirituality and being seen as spiritual - it stems from fear.

It is still all illusion no matter how perfectly packaged in "high-consciousness" it actually is.

My dear. It is ok.
You want to belong.
You want to be loved.
You want to shine.
You want to matter.

All that is ok. It is right and good to want that.

But stop playing your priestess, oracle, Magdalene or lightworker ROLE and start BEING so REAL with the parts of yourself that desperately fear NOT belonging, not being loved, not feeling significant or not being perceived as spiritual.

Here is the most Magdalene and spiritual thing you can do.

•Tell the TRUTH about your humanness•

In your spiritual circles the EGO gets a bad rap.

In spiritual circles, there can be a bit of "higher than thou" nonsense that completely disregards one's HUMANNESS for the goal of your holiness.

Your Ego is not the bad part of you and the Divinity the good part of you.

Buying into that actually perpetuates the greatest separation you can experience.

Your ego is your teacher.
It is a tool.
It is a collection of the parts of you that are hurt, hurting and fearful.
It is not something to get rid of or even transcend.

There is only gentle, compassionate opening to the ego.

There is only the ecstatic loving of the parts of yourself that feel fear.

When those parts of you saturate in your love they merge back into oneness.

Because LOVE transmutes all FEAR.

And you know what?
As you are wiling to love the fractured parts of yourself back home, you're actually helping the whole world because we ALL share the same fears.

believes they are not enough
not worthy


It doesn't matter if you wear a cowboy hat or eat chia pudding for breakfast.

So don’t fret about feeling stuck and being unable to step into your Divine Feminine Leadership.

Just by letting your spiritual mask down and loving those fractured parts yourself, this is one of the greatest gifts you can give humanity!

Love all the parts of YOU that currently feel unloved and love them back to the heart of love.

That's it. That is spirituality in in truest purest form.

That is the teaching of Magdalene.

And of course if you want to drink your matcha tea and while doing so, more power to ya. 😉

It is time for this now.
It is time for us to love ourselves like we’ve never loved before.

Marin Bach-Antonson