How to Move Through Your Fear Like a Magdalene

In my role as Priestess and Matrix Re-imprinting healer, I primarily work with women who are answering their soul’s call “to rise.”

One thing I consistently come across with my clients is a deep-seated fear of visibility. It is one of the most universal fears among women who are called to spiritual lightwork and sacred feminine leadership.

What I also see is that women mistakenly believe that this fear is personal; their own.

It’s not.

The fear of visibility is a PROGRAM running in the consciousness of humanity ~ specifically in the consciousness of powerful women.

It is not unique to individual women, rather it is a pattern of low vibrational energy that gets activated as we approach new levels of evolution.

A fear of visibility may have roots in a cellular memory of being tortured, raped, killed or burned in past/parallel lives, as punishment for being in alignment with their power. This imprint is deep and often devastating.

When triggered in current time, this intrinsic fear pattern causes discomfort around vulnerability and even, at times, uncontrollable anxiety and the flight-or-fight response.

This can be difficult for modern women to understand. After all, there is no real threat of being burned at the stake today. But the fear is nevertheless real, powerful, and incredibly limiting.

Do you suffer from the fear of visibility? Is this you?

On one hand, a part of you KNOWS that you are here for an important purpose.

You sense that you have soul gifts to give. 

You know you are meant to make a contribution. 

You can imagine helping a lot of people.

YET…another part of you struggles with self worth.

You experience a high level of fear (often subconscious) that manifests itself in patterns of procrastination.
You experience a certain “mental fog” when it comes to pinpointing your mission. 

You believe that if you could only “get over yourself” and get into action, everything would fall into place. 

You beat yourself up for being incapable while simultaneously creating impossible demands and unreachable standards for yourself.

The fear of visibility is a patriarchal energy pattern that manifests itself as a program loop that many powerful women are caught in, without even realizing it.

This program causes women to live in their head, out of their heart, disconnected from their source power, spinning their wheels and blaming themselves for not doing everything better.

As a result of these fear programs, you may feel stuck, restless and desperately adrift from the feminine-genius parts of yourself that are longing for expression.

Do you see what’s happening?
Outside threats are no longer needed. Without realizing it, we are in these fear loops and…

WE are perpetuating the patriarchy within ourselves.
We are keeping OURSELVES small!
We are beating OURSELVES up!

Why I’m Writing to You About This Today

It is time to break free of these programs and pattern loops. I know you’ve been hearing this for years but it’s true now more than ever before ~ YOU ARE NEEDED.
You were born for this moment.
Humanity needs you, in your power, NOW.

And the golden key to shifting this whole experience is not “figuring out” how to move through procrastination.

Rather, it requires freeing yourself from the fear loop that prevents you from accessing your core power.

Here’s the good news.

I’ve just returned from the south of France where so much was revealed to me. I received enormous downloads following my journey.

The Magdalenes

One of the downloads I received was this:

Many women on the planet today are actually volunteer souls that are part of a band of consciousness known as the Magdalenes, also known as “The Order of Magdalenes.”

It’s no coincidence that the archetypal energies of Mary Magdalene are awakening at the same time that many women are opening to their own Magdalene consciousness.

If you feel a connection to Magdalene and - more importantly - if you resonate with the specific notion of being a “MIDWIFE” of the new consciousness, new earth and new paradigm, then you are likely a soul that is part of this band of consciousness.

It was revealed to me that being a Magdalene has little to do with having a direct connection, a past life, or even a particular devotion to Mary Magdalene herself.

Rather, the Magdalenes are an adept group of souls that go to places in the multi-verse during times of great transition in order to assist and help.

Just as a midwife assists a mother in childbirth, the Magdalenes are soul midwives who bring forward their gifts of pure presence and aspects of the feminine in order to create a conducive environment for the “birth” of new levels of consciousness.

I am a Magdalene.

After being in France, I can claim that now with every cell of my being. I am here on this planet to help activate the blueprint of other Magdalenes so that they can carry out their own signature soul mission.

If you resonate with the idea of having your own soul mission, being a Magdalene, or midwifing the new earth, you must understand that you were born for this moment. The world is in dire need of us coming together, making connections and creating tidal waves of love, light and unity through the sacred technology of our mass consciousness.

Bottom line - it’s time to resolve your fear programs and step into your sacred leadership.

This Might Not Mean What You Expect

But let me clear. It may not be time to take leaps and bounds of action, like launching your visionary business, leaving that full time job or writing your book.

What we do need is YOUR PRESENCE. Your full-embodied divine presence as an angel on earth who can shift darkness into light with the power of your heart and your ability to harness miracles, just by BEING.

It’s NOT about moving through patterns of procrastination so that you can start DOING.

No! Rather, a deeply sacred process of connecting with the high heart will allow you to de-activate fear programs so that you can BE the gift you are and embody the mission you came to share.

Here’s where I can help.

After hundreds of sessions with clients, I have discovered a precise way to help women connect with their multi-dimensional capabilities and create high-vibration transmutation codes, which I have begun to call Magdalene Codes.

These are Feminine God Codes.
Divine Sophia-Christ Codes.
They are love codes that dissolve fear programs and align you with your sovereign blueprint.

How Magdalene Codes Work

When you create a Magdalene Code, you create an energetic “computer program” for your human operating system that has the power to awaken crystalline DNA, rewire fear based-limiting beliefs and erase trauma imprints on every level of your being.

Once you create a Magdalene Code, you have it forever and can work with it continuously to amplify your light and align with your soul mission. This happens after only one session.

A Magdalene Code puts you in direct connection with your higher consciousness and feminine genius. No more procrastination, trying to “figure out” your purpose, or losing your power to the fears of visibility, failure or being a fraud.

Rather, you have a direct connection with your divine feminine power. Your Magdalene Code is like a portal that allows you to access your presence, from which all soul gifts flow.

For a limited time, I am booking one-on-one Magdalene Code Sessions.

One session will help you deactivate fear by creating codes that instantly transmute fear to love on all four levels of your being and beyond. This work happens at the quantum and multi-dimensional levels.

  • You will create your own personal Divine Code, which we’ll use to re-imprint fear programs in the mind, body, and heart; in your entire energy body and auric field.

  • You will collapse current and future timelines that are based in lack and scarcity.

  • You will create exciting new timelines positioning you for success, abundance and limitless joy.

Part channeling, part past life regression, part Matrix Re-imprinting, part quantum healing.

Magdalene Code sessions are a revolutionary way to shift FROM the viral programs that keep you stuck INTO sacred vibrational codes that activate new levels of your blueprint, soul gifts and golden light body.

Sessions are 90 minutes.
The investment is $250.
All sessions are conducted on Zoom.

Reach out to me at ~ to request my scheduling link to book a session.

Heart to heart. Hand to hand. Sister to sister. Soul to soul.
Allow me to support you in having a significant breakthrough in understanding who you are and how you serve.

With deep love and sincere sisterhood,


Marin Bach-Antonson