The consciousness on this earth plane is changing.


The limitations of understanding that cause generation after generation to believe that they are unworthy are shifting.

The density is transmuting.
The veil is lifting.

The age of LIGHT is upon us.
It is the age of pure spirit. 
The age of Sophia. 
The return of the Divine Feminine.
A paradigm of sublime love.

There is no entering this new paradigm -- there is only BECOMING a match for the new frequency. In truth ~

It is not some kingdom outside of you waiting for entry.
It is not some dimension to ascend to.

Those of you who are the new will not be gurus and authorities, powermongers or tyrants.
You will be heralds of pure peace who are RISING above the stagnation of limitation to say…

“I am God
I am Goddess
I am Divine
and all who I see ~ THEY ARE LOVE.
For I AM love.
I AM the "I AM.”

Each who comes to this understanding will lift the whole consciousness by his or her one solitary light.

And so shall be a new beginning.

Thank you to all of you who are WILLING and courageous enough to wake from the dream and know yourselves as Angels on Earth, as Gods and Goddesses and Masters and Magdalenes (whatever language you use - so be it!)

YOU. Who are midwifing this transition and helping to birth the new consciousness ~ by your BECOMING.

Thank you.

Some might scoff. 
Some might judge. 
Some might laugh. 
Some even might be irritated by my words.


Some will also ... KNOW.

I write for those who know.
I send my love to all.

Marin Bach-Antonson