At one point, long ago, the feminine-fracturing started.

The powers that eventually became the patriarchy realized that one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to dismantle the web of *connection and unity* was to set us AGAINST one another.

When we are against one another, we are focused on our differences and as a consequence ....

planet-changing power we have access to TOGETHER becomes null and void.

To separate us, is to completely disempower us.
To separate us, is the very pathway to be able to control us.

This has been the reality for generations.

SEPARATION ends the threat of who we are when we are ONE sacred circle of ass-kicking love consciousness.

They obliterated the sacred feminine specifically during the burning times.


They not only burned and tortured the "witches, midwives and medicine keepers, but they dismantled women's TRUST in one another.

And we are still, to this day, feeling the reverberation and the soul scars of this wounding.

Think about it. Deep down in the raw truth of your bones… do you truly trust that you are safe in groups of other women?

For most of us, sadly, unless you've really worked to heal your heart around this, the answer is NO.

Sister-wounds cut deep. 
Safety and trust among women is fragile.

Some of the most important parts of my ministry are around healing past life imprints and re-establishing sisterhood at the SOUL-LEVEL between women.

Why? Because when we are TOGETHER we can finally re-wire this wounding and transmute the fear which keeps us in various states of separation, jealousy, judgement and competition.

And not only that!

Together, as a band of sacred fierce, feminine consciousness, we have the unbelievable, breath-taking power to transmute the INVERTED consciousness that currently affects the well being of ALL our lives the way it does.

Really think about this ~ We have ~

doctors that destroy health
lawyers that destroy justice
education systems that destroy knowledge and creativity
religions that destroy spirituality
media that destroys information and 
a general working-culture that distorts our very connection to ourselves and each other!

Weaving our way back to TOGETHER is the elixir, the ointment, the answer to rising up from the ways patriarchy has disempowered us and continues to do so.

So, let me say this straight.

If we are ever going to access the fierce feminine power of our sacred, breathtaking, soul shaking, planet quaking sister-power again...we have to make some changes that are still insidious among women - yes, even women on the "Goddess path."

Here it is:

Are you willing to sit with your jealousy of another woman
and have compassion for your own wounds
rather than projecting your envy
onto a woman who is thriving?

See, you are programmed with a scarcity consciousness which causes you to quietly compete with others.

Jealousy is normal. Every single soul feels it. 
It's not some secret bad behavior to be ashamed of or pretend you are above.
In fact, the more we deny our jealousy, we push it into the shadows, and the more power it has over us.

BE with your jealousy. 
Feel it. 
Find your way through it.

What you will find on the other side of it is a sweet, scared little girl who is wracked with a fear of "not enoughness”.

This is a core human wound and a result of the programming. We ALL have it.

Instead of feeling ashamed or spiritually elevated,
Hug, Love, Hold that part of yourself when you are jealous.

Only YOU can transmute that little girl's fear at the core level, to love.
When you deny your jealousy, you deny yourself.

Then, jealously can shift and instead of seeping with inverted scarcity energy which veils her power AND your power, you can...

Lift her up! 
Learn to love that she is thriving! 
Send her support and good thought! 
Help her RISE. 

She is creating the momentum that will carry YOU in it's next abundant wave.

Try to celebrate her to the best of your ability.

Jealousy is one of the primary ways we remain sister-separate.

Own your jealousy and it will lessen.


Are you willing to STOP the cycle of gossip?

Gossip is a 3rd dimensional construct perpetuated by women desperately seeking INTIMACY, closeness and safety with one another. Gossip is what has been modeled as a way to grow and deepen friendship.

People that gossip aren't bad. They are seeking connection.

But at the root, gossip stems from our innate distrust of the feminine. It separates and splits the collective sister web.

Start creating boundaries with women and impart a no gossip-under under any circumstance-rule in your friendships. 

Gossip is such low vibration energy.
It keeps ALL women down.

Be a pioneer at forging new ways of connection and sister-intimacy by being willing to share your celebrations, talk about self love and tell the truth of your hearts to one another.

Finally ~

Are you willing to be vulnerable, real and authentic with other women?

Because most of us are so afraid of rejection and ultimately, isolation, we perpetuate the wound of inauthenticity.

We've learned to "follow the rules" of the tribe in order to fit in.
Deep down we're terrified of anyone finding out who we really are for fear that we won't be accepted.
Break free from the "rules" of your group! BE YOURSELF. 

You will give powerful permission to others to do the same!

How to be authentic? Try telling the vulnerable truth to YOURSELF first.
There is no need to share these truths with others in the beginning.

Start simply by acknowledging your deepest vulnerable-heart truths to YOURSELF!

Start a journal page: "the truth is...." and see what flows from your pen. You might be surprised.

When you have a beautiful, deep, vulnerable, nourishing relationship with YOURSELF you are less in need of others to fill a void. You are less vulnerable to rejection.

And you are less in need of wearing the armor around women you have been wearing your whole life.

Vulnerable, tender, sincere truth sets your heart free.

And so it is that we will rise.
And so it is that we will weave this web of sisterhood and ultimately humanity, back together for all.
And so it is that we will stop perpetuating separation like they want and start dissolving into oneness like we can.

The illuminating, radiating, luminescent love light that we are together will be so blindly bright, it will even call those furthest from the light back home.

And so it shall be.

Marin Bach-Antonson