I am not religious. And this post has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

But on a beautiful day when so many are celebrating the resurrection of THE CHRIST, I am inspired to a write in celebration and gratitude, in honor of a soul I love, so dearly, in my own way, outside of any religious context.

Today I heart-FULLY celebrate the luminous soul who was Yeshua, or Jesus.

An avatar.
An embodiment of the Divine Feminine-Masculine-Child in oneness.
A teacher.
A catalyst.

One who seeded the future sacred timelines that we are so lucky to be living in now.

My heart is overflowing and grateful to this beloved master being who has given humanity our greatest gift -- a template for our own ascension.

Today, as many celebrate HIS resurrection, I celebrate the potential he seeded for OUR RESURRECTION.

For Yeshua moved through the human experience and managed to unlock the very Christ codes that are available for us now.

I do not adhere to the "working model" as Yeshua himself as THE CHRIST.

Rather, my heart bursts in gratitude of A CHRIST who, in his own journey of becoming CHRIST-ED, has given us all a template for awakening the Magdalene-Christ of our own hearts.

I use the word CHRIST in this context, in a different way perhaps than many use it.

Christ - outside of religious doctrine.

For me, a CHRIST is a being who has gone from Homo-Sapien to Homo-Luminous.
A being who has fully activated crystalline DNA.
A being who has awoken the rainbow light body and who thereby, has BECOME DIVINE while simultaneously existing as a human.

There have been other Christs, of course.

And blessed be the possibility that we ALL share the potential to awaken our Christ light and finally be free from the way we "crucify" ourselves and each other on the daily!

This, I believe, is the glory of Yeshua and the glory of this golden time we are in.

Bless, bless, bless you, beloved Yeshua, and the feat that you were able to awaken the three fold flames of your heart
and become "Christed" in timeline that was so very dense and dark.

Because of his focus, dedication, daring, and divine love we now are embedded with the potential that we too, can
DIE to the old self,(the ego-driven self)
RISE in our own light body....
and experience a new day --
a re-BIRTH-- if you will,
an awakening of our own christ-light --
a RESURRECTION of the human self to the Divine human, just as he did.

To all that are on this heroic human journey to the light...
I celebrate YOU today.
It is not a path for the faint of heart.
But how very lucky we are to have had such a glorious way-shower and teacher.

To my brother Yeshua:

I bow to you.
I love you with all my heart.
I honor you.
I thank you.

Blessed be this beautiful day!

Marin Bach-Antonson