I am wild woman.

I am the part of you that is star secrets, coyote songs and words smashed together in raw hot truth.

I am dazzling in my darkness.
Dripping with milky passion.
Hot in my hips.
Wild in my eyes.
ever willing to venture into new spaces and places with the landscape of my soul.

My breath is heavy, my heart is free, my hands dig deep for unique ideas that harness more ME ME ME…the real ME now that I’ve burned my mask and made my peace with not being polite or quiet or tame.

Shame kept me tucked away in prison of my own making.

But no more.
The miracle of my wild is that Ive broken free to be that ME that is not put together or perfect in any way.

I am messy and magic and raw and real,
I am creative and cutting with sharp intuition like the blade of a knife.

I run with my pack.
I howl at the moon.
I jiggle my belly.
Wiggle breasts.
Honor my curves and own my flaws.
And set fire to mere notion that my body is a failure!

I am fierce in my ability to speak my truth and roar no more!
and let loose with laughter so loud I can shake awake the sleeping sheep
who haven’t found their wilderness within.

I am awake.
I am alert.
I am danger and craving and care-free pleasure all rolled into one beautiful elixir.
I am potent magic and powerful rage and a force so strong I will bend any rule outside of my own making.

I will not bow. Or shrink. Or sink. Or slink
into one more shadow so that you can feel comfortable in my presence.

I am HERE.
Hear my voice.
Hold me high.
See me rise.
I. WILL. NOT. apologize for these blazingly bright eyes,
my beautiful life or how blessed I am to have returned to MY-SELF.

I am not your nightmare. No need to compare.

I am your truth. I am you.

Under the illusion of your blood-stained-sacrificial life.
I am the very blood that flows from your mouth when you devour a desire and dare to be free.

I am your light in the shadow.

Your shadow in the light.
The life that lies in waiting until your claim your right to LIVE!
I am the wolf in your soul.
The song of your heart. The howl of your womb.
The proclamation in your belly.

I will be slinking in the trees.
Moving through the night.
Dancing in your dreams and ever-daring the good girl in you to rip off her dress and get dazzlingly dirty!

Do you dare to follow my scent?

To sniff out my trail?
To track my prints?
To come and play?

Beautiful woman, your Wild is waiting in the palm of my hands.

I know you want her.
She’s here for taking.
Just one step out of your safe little life
and you shall start your daring journey into the wilderness of the your soul!

It is there, that I, your Wild Woman, will be waiting!

Marin Bach-Antonson