Rose Wisdom ~ One

The Rose Council guided me to share this today.

This is for the way showers, the wanderers, the priestesses, the medicine men, the magdalenes, the midwives and all those finding their way to home to the rose.

Today we will speak on silence.

For silence is the portal through which you enter the sacred temple of your own knowing.

It is essential.
unwind and
utterly dissolve into yourself.

There and then you will enter the silence.

Breath by breath ~ by beautiful breath. In ~ out.
Circle. Around ~ Again. Again.
Long. Slow. Deep. Delicious.

Your breath is a door.
It is technology embedded in your body.
It is a bridge of waves to ride and find your way from the static of your head into the sacred of your heart.

Your heart.
Is a stargate.
Your heart holds the secrets.
Your heart is the motherboard.
Your heart is …

Now here is a harsh truth but we will insist you must hear it.

For you are a holy woman - a holy man - and you must fully understand the consequence of being lulled into unconsciousness.

Everything about 3rd density is designed to keep you busy… moving… striving and separate from yourself.
There is an erratic, destructive momentum about your mainstream life that has become out of control.
It is an imbalanced beast of a force that will toss you about and around until you are anxious, weary, tired and afraid.
It is a mind-virus that will tell you, "YOU DON'T HAVE TIME" over and over and over... like a loop recording until you are fully trapped within its crazy.

It will shred your best intentions to take care of your self.
It will shake you out out of your center with the mere force of DOING, DOING, non-stop DOING.

DO - to prove your worth.
DO - to get more.
DO - so you are acceptable to society.
DO - so you have status.

Keep DOING so that you you completely forget how to BE, how to serve and who you are.
DO DO until the DO mixes with the SHOULD.
SHOULD yourself into states of stress.

Stay busy and moving and doing and should-ing until the silence is so far from where you are and you forget how to find your way home.


But you, beautiful one. You are stronger than that force.
You must face this beast.
Find your fierce.
Set your compass and feel your way OUT of the DOING.

Silence is no longer an option.
It is essential to your very BEING.
It is not self care
self love
spiritual practice
or something else to put on your to do list.

S.T.O.P. putting it there!

It is through your silence that you are in relationship to your sacred self.

Do you want this?
Is this important to you?

We know it is.

In your silence, you shall hear the sweet whispers of your womb, the song of your soul, the signature tone of your cells and the messages of great-spirit.

It is through your silence the mother can hold you, the angels can guide you and the masters can mentor you.
It is through your silence the ROSE can reveal herself.
Let nothing stand between you and this sacred gateway.

Harness all your power to get off the bucking horse of “HAVE TO” and come ~ HOME.

Come home to holy within your heart.

The rose awaits your return.

Marin Bach-Antonson