Pinch Me! I am featured on one of the top-rated podcasts on I-Tunes!

Today my interview went LIVE on the Ancient Wisdom Today Podcast with Shaman Durek.

This is the #1 podcast in the 'spirituality" category on I-TUNES.

Don't know about Shaman Durek?

I highly recommend getting to know this spiritual power house and his show.

He's wise.



Full of energy.

Hilarious and holy all mixed together into one beautiful soul.

Not to mention he's known as the "Shaman to the Stars".

..i.e. Hollywood.

It was an honor to be featured on this mega-popular show.

My episode is ~ Awaken your Goddess ~

In it, I talk about the importance of being in relationship to your womb. I share what it means to embody the TRUE essence of the feminine. I share my insights about how a woman on the Goddess path can support the wounded men in our culture.

You can listen to the show here:…/ancient-wisdom-today/id1362277001

Marin Bach-Antonson