Bless our men who honor the Goddess in us

❤️ I love my husband so much.

Last night we’re at a wedding... new people, nice conversations, the inevitable questions ~ and what do you do??!

This is a hard one for me in mainstream environments.

Ohhhhhhh~ you know~

I’m a Priestess.

I’ve created a mystery school.

I hold sacred space for high level feminine soul initiation.

I channel Magdalene.

I resolve trauma imprints in the somatic body and transmute soul karma.

I heal women’s wombs.

Everyday stuff.

Except it doesn’t come out like that.

It’s a ball of “ welll.... I .... um.......actually .......”

The thing I love and appreciate about my husband is that even as I stumble in these environments and fight with myself not to shrink or make myself small, he stands close, he is steady in my tide of word mish-mash and when I’m done completely cutting and piecing together an answer to this question, he adds....

“She’s amazing. The work she is doing with women is changing lives. She’s just amazing.”

And they smile. And nod. Add a curious “huh” ... maybe a question ... until the conversation moves to the next person and the moment passes and my palpable discomfort settles.

And inside, despite not doing myself justice...I am beaming. He knows my light. I am always safe by his side.

He doesn’t ask me to be different.

He doesn’t want me to be quiet.

He doesn’t try to make me something I’m not.

In his is own way, without even realizing it, he is on the forefront of this feminine revolution as the noble masculine willing to protect the rising feminine in her vulnerability and authenticity.

Bless our men who honor the Goddess in us.

They are so essential in this shift!

Marin Bach-Antonson