Self-Care is the new Sacred Leadership!

I will make space for more silence.

I will walk in the woods.

I will sit.

I will stare into space.

I will stumble with the awkwardness of not knowing what to "do" for my self care.

I will daydream.

I will write.

I will lay down.

I will allow the guides to work with me.

I will let myself feel lazy.

I will be uncomfortably present with the impulse to be productive...without giving into it.

I will try to be more still.

I will stretch.

I will surrender.

I will soften around time.

I will pray.

I will breathe.

I will receive.

I will listen.

I will love myself this much.

and more.

I will trust that BEING at this level of self-devotion, is a new daring, way of being in exquisite, fierce, feminine leadership.

I will breathe with the inner critic that calls this passive and trust the inner voice that knows it is powerful beyond what I realize.

To care for myself, my mind, my heart and my body at this level ~ I care for the mind of the collective, the heart of humanity and the body of our precious earth.

This I know now.

Marin Bach-Antonson