The Story of a Girl Who Grew into a Goddess

She was born pure MAGIC. ✨ ✨

With light in her eyes and love spilling like droplets off her skin.

She was small but sacred.

A new angel, earth side.

Her little girl wings popped, sprung, sparkled and unfurled wide open as she grew.

She was glory and glitter and song and sugar.

She was beautiful in how she took up space.

She danced with butterflies.

Rocketed to the moon.

Talked to trees.

Shook her small hips and sang heart-hymns to the rhythm of “oh, oh, that wondrous child!”


Until one day it changed.


A darkness veiled her light.

A self consciousness covered her beauty.

Her shoulders caved in to protect her heart.

Suddenly ... she hurt.

When ~

This one didn’t approve.

That one yelled.

Another one left her out.

One called her nasty names.

The time of innocence faded.

Her spirit-roar turned silent.

She started to believe ~

I’m not enough

I’m not loved.

They don’t like me.

I don’t belong.

I’m ugly.

I’m awkward.

No one wants me around.

I’m alone.

I don’t matter.

I’m a bother.

I’m nothing.

I’m a loser.

Over and over in the shadows of her subconscious, the narrative swirled and settled deep in her core.

The years past.

The hurt spread.

The shame set into her bone marrow.

And then ~

She didn’t get the job.

He disrespected her body.

She spoke behind her back.

They didn't extend the invite.

Child hurt turned adolescent hurt twisted into adult hurt.

as so it goes.

The light dimmed.

The wings went down.

The walls came up.

The years continued to pass.

And the once innocent girl grew into a wounded woman.

Heart scars.

A false confidence. A fake bravado.

A full suit of armour.

A face behind a well crafted mask.

Life. In short...

As a mostly, modern mainstream female.

Sad but true.

Until one day.

Something stirred.

Something shifted.

Something shook.

And caused a crack.

That let some light in.

Which flooded her heart.

Which shone on her hurt.

Which pressed on the wound.

So she found the class, the path, the guru, the forum that would FIX the shit, and the shame, and the pain and happily promised a “new age ”!

And years past. And she thought she was on "the path".

Until another “one day”.

She woke from that slumber and it became searingly clear that to seek a “solution” was pure pollution to the precious part of her that HURT.

So she stopped.

Became still.

Put the pen down. And the journal away. Rolled the yoga mat up. Put the guru podcast on pause. Took a breath.

And she sat. in silence. with her self.

and - FELT.

Without judgement.

Without needing to fix.

With soft, tender, sweet space in her being.

She felt the hurt. The pain, The fury. The rage.

She swelled with tears.

And choked on grief.

And folded in to hold herself.

Until finally ~ a small voice spoke a note of soft relief

”You are safe.”

“Feel it all.

“Lean into the pain”

“Allow it”

"Let yourself be exactly as you are”



Her fight stopped.

Her war ceased.

Her heart stretched opened.

And once again, something stirred.

Something shifted.

Something shook the earth inside of her.

Until......She surrendered.

No more fixing. No more fighting to be someone.

No more proving.

No more seeking to be seen.

No more trying.

No more forcing.

No more strategy.

No more steps.

Just silence.


With herself.

And her broken child heart. And her grief and all the glory and mess and miracle and magic of being H-U-M-A-N.

Purely. Powerfully. Potently. Human.

And that was the holy beginning of finding her way ~ To God.

To her magic.

To her Sacred Self.

To the wonder within.

And she continued to grow.


Her wings expanded.

Her heart walls crumbled.

The light returned in her eyes.

Her pain transmuted into a power no one could take from her.





Pain, shame, beauty, brilliance - all of it.

She started feeling whole.

She made her way home.

She found the path so perfectly placed right INSIDE of the cracks and crevices and places of pain that became her road to love.

A once glorious girl

who curled into herself…

who grew into an armored women…

who broke open into her own BECOMING…

by allowing herself to BE exactly as she is.

The irony is ~

That is self love.

And this.

is the story of a girl who grew - who always knew, who found her way back - to being a Goddess.

She is you. (perhaps)

I am her. (of course)

We are one. (in ways)

Finding home.



Marin Bach-AntonsonComment
The consciousness on this earth plane is changing.

The limitations of understanding that cause generation after generation to believe that they are unworthy are shifting.

The density is transmuting.
The veil is lifting.

The age of LIGHT is upon us.
It is the age of pure spirit. 
The age of Sophia. 
The return of the Divine Feminine.
A paradigm of sublime love.

There is no entering this new paradigm -- there is only BECOMING a match for the new frequency. In truth ~

It is not some kingdom outside of you waiting for entry.
It is not some dimension to ascend to.

Those of you who are the new will not be gurus and authorities, powermongers or tyrants.
You will be heralds of pure peace who are RISING above the stagnation of limitation to say…

“I am God
I am Goddess
I am Divine
and all who I see ~ THEY ARE LOVE.
For I AM love.
I AM the "I AM.”

Each who comes to this understanding will lift the whole consciousness by his or her one solitary light.

And so shall be a new beginning.

Thank you to all of you who are WILLING and courageous enough to wake from the dream and know yourselves as Angels on Earth, as Gods and Goddesses and Masters and Magdalenes (whatever language you use - so be it!)

YOU. Who are midwifing this transition and helping to birth the new consciousness ~ by your BECOMING.

Thank you.

Some might scoff. 
Some might judge. 
Some might laugh. 
Some even might be irritated by my words.


Some will also ... KNOW.

I write for those who know.
I send my love to all.

Marin Bach-Antonson
How to Move Through Your Fear Like a Magdalene

In my role as Priestess and Matrix Re-imprinting healer, I primarily work with women who are answering their soul’s call “to rise.”

One thing I consistently come across with my clients is a deep-seated fear of visibility. It is one of the most universal fears among women who are called to spiritual lightwork and sacred feminine leadership.

What I also see is that women mistakenly believe that this fear is personal; their own.

It’s not.

The fear of visibility is a PROGRAM running in the consciousness of humanity ~ specifically in the consciousness of powerful women.

It is not unique to individual women, rather it is a pattern of low vibrational energy that gets activated as we approach new levels of evolution.

A fear of visibility may have roots in a cellular memory of being tortured, raped, killed or burned in past/parallel lives, as punishment for being in alignment with their power. This imprint is deep and often devastating.

When triggered in current time, this intrinsic fear pattern causes discomfort around vulnerability and even, at times, uncontrollable anxiety and the flight-or-fight response.

This can be difficult for modern women to understand. After all, there is no real threat of being burned at the stake today. But the fear is nevertheless real, powerful, and incredibly limiting.

Do you suffer from the fear of visibility? Is this you?

On one hand, a part of you KNOWS that you are here for an important purpose.

You sense that you have soul gifts to give. 

You know you are meant to make a contribution. 

You can imagine helping a lot of people.

YET…another part of you struggles with self worth.

You experience a high level of fear (often subconscious) that manifests itself in patterns of procrastination.
You experience a certain “mental fog” when it comes to pinpointing your mission. 

You believe that if you could only “get over yourself” and get into action, everything would fall into place. 

You beat yourself up for being incapable while simultaneously creating impossible demands and unreachable standards for yourself.

The fear of visibility is a patriarchal energy pattern that manifests itself as a program loop that many powerful women are caught in, without even realizing it.

This program causes women to live in their head, out of their heart, disconnected from their source power, spinning their wheels and blaming themselves for not doing everything better.

As a result of these fear programs, you may feel stuck, restless and desperately adrift from the feminine-genius parts of yourself that are longing for expression.

Do you see what’s happening?
Outside threats are no longer needed. Without realizing it, we are in these fear loops and…

WE are perpetuating the patriarchy within ourselves.
We are keeping OURSELVES small!
We are beating OURSELVES up!

Why I’m Writing to You About This Today

It is time to break free of these programs and pattern loops. I know you’ve been hearing this for years but it’s true now more than ever before ~ YOU ARE NEEDED.
You were born for this moment.
Humanity needs you, in your power, NOW.

And the golden key to shifting this whole experience is not “figuring out” how to move through procrastination.

Rather, it requires freeing yourself from the fear loop that prevents you from accessing your core power.

Here’s the good news.

I’ve just returned from the south of France where so much was revealed to me. I received enormous downloads following my journey.

The Magdalenes

One of the downloads I received was this:

Many women on the planet today are actually volunteer souls that are part of a band of consciousness known as the Magdalenes, also known as “The Order of Magdalenes.”

It’s no coincidence that the archetypal energies of Mary Magdalene are awakening at the same time that many women are opening to their own Magdalene consciousness.

If you feel a connection to Magdalene and - more importantly - if you resonate with the specific notion of being a “MIDWIFE” of the new consciousness, new earth and new paradigm, then you are likely a soul that is part of this band of consciousness.

It was revealed to me that being a Magdalene has little to do with having a direct connection, a past life, or even a particular devotion to Mary Magdalene herself.

Rather, the Magdalenes are an adept group of souls that go to places in the multi-verse during times of great transition in order to assist and help.

Just as a midwife assists a mother in childbirth, the Magdalenes are soul midwives who bring forward their gifts of pure presence and aspects of the feminine in order to create a conducive environment for the “birth” of new levels of consciousness.

I am a Magdalene.

After being in France, I can claim that now with every cell of my being. I am here on this planet to help activate the blueprint of other Magdalenes so that they can carry out their own signature soul mission.

If you resonate with the idea of having your own soul mission, being a Magdalene, or midwifing the new earth, you must understand that you were born for this moment. The world is in dire need of us coming together, making connections and creating tidal waves of love, light and unity through the sacred technology of our mass consciousness.

Bottom line - it’s time to resolve your fear programs and step into your sacred leadership.

This Might Not Mean What You Expect

But let me clear. It may not be time to take leaps and bounds of action, like launching your visionary business, leaving that full time job or writing your book.

What we do need is YOUR PRESENCE. Your full-embodied divine presence as an angel on earth who can shift darkness into light with the power of your heart and your ability to harness miracles, just by BEING.

It’s NOT about moving through patterns of procrastination so that you can start DOING.

No! Rather, a deeply sacred process of connecting with the high heart will allow you to de-activate fear programs so that you can BE the gift you are and embody the mission you came to share.

Here’s where I can help.

After hundreds of sessions with clients, I have discovered a precise way to help women connect with their multi-dimensional capabilities and create high-vibration transmutation codes, which I have begun to call Magdalene Codes.

These are Feminine God Codes.
Divine Sophia-Christ Codes.
They are love codes that dissolve fear programs and align you with your sovereign blueprint.

How Magdalene Codes Work

When you create a Magdalene Code, you create an energetic “computer program” for your human operating system that has the power to awaken crystalline DNA, rewire fear based-limiting beliefs and erase trauma imprints on every level of your being.

Once you create a Magdalene Code, you have it forever and can work with it continuously to amplify your light and align with your soul mission. This happens after only one session.

A Magdalene Code puts you in direct connection with your higher consciousness and feminine genius. No more procrastination, trying to “figure out” your purpose, or losing your power to the fears of visibility, failure or being a fraud.

Rather, you have a direct connection with your divine feminine power. Your Magdalene Code is like a portal that allows you to access your presence, from which all soul gifts flow.

For a limited time, I am booking one-on-one Magdalene Code Sessions.

One session will help you deactivate fear by creating codes that instantly transmute fear to love on all four levels of your being and beyond. This work happens at the quantum and multi-dimensional levels.

  • You will create your own personal Divine Code, which we’ll use to re-imprint fear programs in the mind, body, and heart; in your entire energy body and auric field.

  • You will collapse current and future timelines that are based in lack and scarcity.

  • You will create exciting new timelines positioning you for success, abundance and limitless joy.

Part channeling, part past life regression, part Matrix Re-imprinting, part quantum healing.

Magdalene Code sessions are a revolutionary way to shift FROM the viral programs that keep you stuck INTO sacred vibrational codes that activate new levels of your blueprint, soul gifts and golden light body.

Sessions are 90 minutes.
The investment is $250.
All sessions are conducted on Zoom.

Reach out to me at ~ to request my scheduling link to book a session.

Heart to heart. Hand to hand. Sister to sister. Soul to soul.
Allow me to support you in having a significant breakthrough in understanding who you are and how you serve.

With deep love and sincere sisterhood,


Marin Bach-Antonson
Can I be really real in this blog?

A good strong dose of Kali Ma energy came through today and so I'm sharing here.

I know you may not like this. I'm sorry in advance.

If it triggers you at all, I hate to say this, but that might just be a good thing.

When we are triggered, that is a part of us that needs and wants to be held, healed and acknowledged.

Hopefully you'll have the good sense to feel that discomfort and let it guide you to the parts of yourself that feel disempowered rather than to disconnect, blame me or become disenchanted by what I'm sharing here.


Beautiful beings.

It is time.
It's time for ALL of you.
It is time.

It is time to stop that juice fast and your yoga class and to forget about how you look in your bohemian themed Instagram pics.

It's time to stop calling yourself "spiritual" when all you're really doing is perpetuating your own "specialness" without realizing it and judging everyone who is not like you.

It's time to stop with your tarot cards, your altars, your rituals and your righteousness.

It's time to cut your dredlocks, lose your flowing skirts and stop telling everyone that you are an oracle.

Forget your drum circles, your organic ingredients, your inner-frequency and how fiercely you are speaking your truth these days!

Who really fucking cares what your spirit guides say, how much kale you eat, what herbs you take or how many people registered for your latest on-line-high-vibe launch or attended your event that was shrouded in service [but was really all about YOU anyway].

STOP. Stop it.

Stop TRYING to BE spiritual or successful or of sacred service or "seen for who you really are."


You already ARE the beautiful, precious, powerful being you are so desperately trying to be and be seen as.

When your focus is outside of yourself, as for so many of you, it still is, you are holding yourself separate from the real transformation potential of the spiritual path.

All the damn kale on earth is not going to bring you into your heart if you continue to hide, hate yourself and mask your authenticity when you fear it's negative.

I bet you can give yourself permission to be authentic in your wild woman but can you give the same permission to the parts of you that are scared and lonely right now?

Nothing can change until you let yourself be present to those parts fully.

If you are ATTACHED to anything as an identity, in this case your “supra-goddess spiritual identity” you are actually hiding from yourself and you are not allowing yourself to be the fullness of who you are.

You're just perpetuating a FORM, a personality and you are behind a mask, playing a role you don't even realize you are playing!

STOP. DROP. Understand this.

Your attachment to your so-called spirituality and being seen as spiritual - it stems from fear.

It is still all illusion no matter how perfectly packaged in "high-consciousness" it actually is.

My dear. It is ok.
You want to belong.
You want to be loved.
You want to shine.
You want to matter.

All that is ok. It is right and good to want that.

But stop playing your priestess, oracle, Magdalene or lightworker ROLE and start BEING so REAL with the parts of yourself that desperately fear NOT belonging, not being loved, not feeling significant or not being perceived as spiritual.

Here is the most Magdalene and spiritual thing you can do.

•Tell the TRUTH about your humanness•

In your spiritual circles the EGO gets a bad rap.

In spiritual circles, there can be a bit of "higher than thou" nonsense that completely disregards one's HUMANNESS for the goal of your holiness.

Your Ego is not the bad part of you and the Divinity the good part of you.

Buying into that actually perpetuates the greatest separation you can experience.

Your ego is your teacher.
It is a tool.
It is a collection of the parts of you that are hurt, hurting and fearful.
It is not something to get rid of or even transcend.

There is only gentle, compassionate opening to the ego.

There is only the ecstatic loving of the parts of yourself that feel fear.

When those parts of you saturate in your love they merge back into oneness.

Because LOVE transmutes all FEAR.

And you know what?
As you are wiling to love the fractured parts of yourself back home, you're actually helping the whole world because we ALL share the same fears.

believes they are not enough
not worthy


It doesn't matter if you wear a cowboy hat or eat chia pudding for breakfast.

So don’t fret about feeling stuck and being unable to step into your Divine Feminine Leadership.

Just by letting your spiritual mask down and loving those fractured parts yourself, this is one of the greatest gifts you can give humanity!

Love all the parts of YOU that currently feel unloved and love them back to the heart of love.

That's it. That is spirituality in in truest purest form.

That is the teaching of Magdalene.

And of course if you want to drink your matcha tea and while doing so, more power to ya. 😉

It is time for this now.
It is time for us to love ourselves like we’ve never loved before.

Marin Bach-Antonson
A letter to the lightworkers

 My beautiful sisters and brothers,

If you are a light worker, you are here to anchor light. What beautiful mission.

You don't need to be a coach.
You don't need a big platform.
You don't need to let go of your full time job that helps you pay your bills. 
You don't need qualifications or that certification or more training or permission.

You need nothing. Absolutely nothing to be the gift that you are.

If you think you do, here is a truth that may be hard to hear but I am going to share it anyway because I am a truth teller:

If you need to be "seen" by the world as a lightworker than you are stuck in a limiting narrative created by a precious, but dis-empowering ego that is attached to being PERCEIVED as a something in order to feel good about yourself.


Business coaches make boat loads of money off vulnerable people who buy the promise of starting a business as a lightworker
but are no where near being a vibrational match for the work they want to offer.

You don't need the business to make the contribution.
You can do your sacred light work anywhere, anytime in any moment.
You are here to ANCHOR light.
You don't need a following or a FB fan page to do that.


Bless them with light every moment you get.
Bless them in traffic and at the store and on-line and everywhere.
Bless the hearts of those hurting the most.
Bless nature.
Bless water.
Bless your home. 
Bless your food.

You ~ BEING ~ the light, helps to anchor the light and that contribution is far more impactful than any awesome virtual product, retreat or really cool client offering that you can create. The essence of who you are IS your gift.

Can you breathe in this truth?

What might it feel like to give yourself permission to be EXACTLY where you are right now?

Are you willing to have the courage to stop chasing an identity and instead commit to BE the inspiration that the deepest part of you is asking you to be?

From THAT place of alignment, the irony is this -- everything unfolds.

I know because I have lived it.

I struggled for years. I spent way too much money on coaches. I beat myself up on the daily for believing I was failing in my mission.
I fought with life. I wanted things to be a certain way when they weren't.
I felt sad and lost and pissed and powerless.
I was filled with fear that my life was passing me by.

I know what ALL of that feels like.

I'm posting this because I care about every single person that is in that same struggle right now and my heart goes out to you in such a sincere way.

May I reflect this -- You are a being of light no matter what you are "doing."

Your gift is your BEING.

I wish someone would have told me I could stop the relentless pursuit of BECOMING and business building and just BE the light I wanted to awaken in others.

And in that being-ness all would bloom and birth and become what it was meant to in time.

So I offer that to you today.

I honor you as the light worker you are. 
I see you.
I bless you.

No matter what you do or have done or how well-known you are. You matter.

My greatest prayer for you today is that you begin to see this power in yourself and don't, for a moment longer, allow the circumstances of life to keep you from believing in the power and impact that you can have on humanity.


With sincere love,


Ali Wright
The Six Core Human Needs

According to Tony Robbins, human beings have six core human needs.  They are:

✦  The need to feel certain  

✦  The need to have variety in life  

✦  The need to be loved and to belong and to feel connected

✦  The need for significance  

✦  The need for growth  

✦  The need for contribution  

When a person is miserable, angry, off balance or depressed, often it is because one or several of these fundamental human needs are not being met.  

Look at the list.  Which of these needs is not being met in your own life?  

The first four needs are considered base needs.  The last two needs, growth and contribution, are what are considered needs for the soul.  People who are at a certain level of evolution will have a greater intensity for these two needs.

For example, over the past ten years, as we have awakened as a collective consciousness in a more accelerated way, countless women are beginning to outgrow relationships, jobs and friendships that no longer allow them to grow.   Growth has become essential in ways that it was not a few generations ago.  Same for the need to contribute.  The popular obsession with the question "what is my purpose?", is directly linked to the soul's growing need to make a contribution.

Everything that you desire to have, be or do has it's root in one of these six core needs.  

These needs are essential to know for several reasons.  Most importantly, when needs go unacknowledged they wreak havoc in our lives.  Needs can't always be met but they can be acknowledged.  For example, you may not be able to meet the need for certainty in your life if you are going through a divorce but to recognize the need is actually enough.  When you recognize the importance of your fundamental needs, the part of you that is vying to get your attention or having an inner tantrum because those needs are not being met, can relax.  That part will feel seen, heard and validated and that is all that is necessary.

As women, we are hard-wired to track the needs of everyone else in our lives.  We are experts at knowing what our children and husbands and pets and even our plants need!  But when it comes to ourselves, often, we overlook.   

One of the most powerful practices a woman can begin to do is to develop is the habit of asking herself, "what do I need?"  Again, your needs may not be able to be met but to name them is enough.  So many women identity with the need for self care.  Believe it or not, self care is most likely a need for connection with SELF.  It's not about getting the actual massage or the pedicure. Self care is often a plea for love, connection and the need to belong to oneself.  Knowing that, helps to enrich your self care time.  I can't tell you how many clients I have that spend the $100 + dollars to get the massage only to be left with the same void inside.  The massage doesn't fill the need for self care.  The acknowledgement of self is what fills the need for self care!

The other trap we fall into is that of projecting our needs onto others.

We look to our partners to meet our need to feel loved.  We look to money to meet our need to feel certain.  We look to success or our children's successes to meet our own needs to feel significant.  So the second question then would be, "How can I meet [this need] for myself?"

What I love about the six human needs is that we all have them.  We are all the same inside.  For as tough or aloof or intimidating as someone may be, they still have the same fundamental needs that you do.  Knowing these core needs allows you to see people and yourself through the eyes of compassion.  Bad behavior is often a desperate cry for having one of these needs met.  

Be tender.  Be curious.  Be open.   Be aware of these needs.  You'll be amazed at how they help you to understand yourself and others.  


Thanks for visiting my blog!  Check back soon for updates!

Ali Wright